Malta Citizenship By Investment Program

Learn About Malta Family Reunification Visa Applications And Criteria

A national of a third country who possesses a valid residence permit for at least one year may apply to have family members join them in Malta.


Family members are defined as follows:


  1. The sponsor’s spouse, who must be at least 21 years old and legally married in a monogamous union;
  2. The unmarried minor children of the sponsor and spouse, including children adopted in a manner recognised by Maltese law;
  3. The unmarried minor children, including adopted children, of the sponsor or spouse where one parent has custody and the children are dependent on that parent.

The principal sponsor for family reunification must provide the following documentation in its original format:


  1. Form C/ 22 (Non-EU) for each family member, signed by the sponsor who already possesses a Malta Citizenship by Investment program. When family members are living outside of Malta, the application must be submitted by the sponsor. Identity in exceptional cases, Malta may approve an application submitted while family members are already in Malta.
  2. A cover letter bearing the signature of the principal sponsor stating that he has been legally residing in Malta for the past two years. Requests from benefactors who have resided in Malta for less than two years will be evaluated on an individual basis.
  3. evidence that the principal sponsor has permanent residence prospects in Malta;
  4. Copy of the main sponsor’s Maltese Citizenship by Investment in Grenada.
  5. Documents attesting the family relationship with the main sponsor, such as marriage and birth certificates.
  6. A statement from an architect stating that the family’s accommodation meets the general health and safety standards in force in Malta.
  7. Confirmation of the main sponsor’s stable and regular resources;
  8. Proof of illness insurance covering all risks for each family member, unless the sponsor is employed;
  9. Full copies of the family members’ passports.

Successful applicants shall be issued with a confirmation letter by the Head of the Unit as soon as practicable and in any event no later than nine months from the date on which the application was lodged.


The family member must present the confirmation letter in order to be permitted to travel to Malta. Upon arrival in Malta, applicants must register for a Malta Citizenship by Investment program by submitting CEA Form G and Form ID 1A along with a €27.50 application fee.


Documents written in a foreign language must be translated into Maltese or English by an authorised translator. Identity Malta stores certified/apostilled copies of the aforementioned documents when it is impossible to store the originals. Family members must present the original documents once they have been authorised to Citizenship by Investment in Grenada and issued a confirmation letter by the unit’s commander.


Identity Malta and other relevant parties reserve the right to request any additional documentation deemed necessary during the application evaluation procedure.


The rejection of an application by Identity Malta may be appealed to the Immigration Appeals Board within three days of receiving the decision.

migration to Canada

Know Some Methods For Immigrating To Canada In 2023

From 2023 to 2025, Canada intends to welcome over 1,3 million permanent residents. There are a number of ways to immigrate to Canada in 2023, and we will explain the five simplest ones in detail below. If you are interested in learning about every possible method to immigrate, visit our main Canadian Visa immigration page. Immigration to Canada is difficult. There are many measures that must be taken in order to successfully apply for Canadian immigration and receive approval which can be taken from the best immigration consultants in Dubai. Additionally, the procedure can take a number of months and, in some instances, several years. But if you are aware of the available alternatives, you can increase your chances of success and prevent “pitfalls”, frustrations, and delays. Here, you can learn how to immigrate to Canada through permanent residence, employment, travel, and even education from Canada Immigration Consultants in Dubai

Ways for immigrating to Canada

  1. The Express Entry System

Express Entry is a Canadian immigration programme that enables skilled workers to live and work in Canada. Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) will be able to proactively assess, recruit, and select immigrants who possess the requisite skills and/or qualifications for economic immigration programmes:



  • FSWP is the Federal Skilled Worker Programme.
  • FSTP is the Federal Skilled Trades Programme.
  • The CEC is the Canadian Experience Class.

The Express Entry programme will also permit provinces and territories to use the system to recruit qualified candidates for Provincial Nominee Programmes in order to meet labour market demand.



This is typically one of Canada’s most popular programmes, but there hasn’t been an FSW or CEC draw since December 2020 and September 2021, respectively. Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, processing times have also slowed, but we encourage you to continue applying as things should return to normal by 2023.



  1. Family Category Sponsorship

Family Reunification continues to be a pillar of Canadian immigration policy. Families in Canada are able to sponsor relatives for permanent immigration. To be eligible to sponsor a family member, you must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. In addition, you can sponsor your spouse and children under the age of 22 (with certain exceptions). It is no longer possible to sponsor your parents or grandparents at this time. You may bring them to Canada, however, under the Super Visa Category.



  1. Work Visa for LMIA

Numerous applicants for Canadian immigration obtain Canadian employment offers before applying for a work visa and immigrating to Canada from the best immigration consultants in Dubai. The LMIA entails obtaining a job offer in Canada, having the Canadian employer submit for an LMIA through Service Canada, and then the applicant applying for a work permit after the LMIA has been approved. This is a lengthy process, but it can lead to permanent residency in Canada.



  1. PNP stands for Provincial Nominee Programmes.

The PNP route is gaining popularity as a means of immigrating to Canada. Provinces in Canada, including Alberta, Ontario, British Columbia, and others, have developed their own immigration programmes that frequently result in a streamlined procedure. Nevertheless, the PNP category generally mandates that applicants reside in their respective Provinces upon arrival in Canada. In addition, eligibility for the majority of PNPs requires a job offer from a Canadian employer.



  1. Investor Immigration in Canada

The Investor Category is intended for wealthy individuals who have owned or managed international businesses. By enabling experienced businesspeople to invest in the Canadian economy, they contribute to the growth and prosperity of Canada as a whole. In Canada, there are two primary investor programmes: The Federal Investor Programme and the Quebec Programme. Both programmes require applicants to have a high net worth and make a substantial investment in an approved investment fund over a five-year period. Spouses and children of investor immigrants can be listed as dependents on their applications.



Since June 2014, the federal Immigrant Investor Programme and Entrepreneur Programme are no longer accepting applications.



Thankfully, there are a few legal immigration programmes that permit individuals without employment experience to move to Canada with Canada Immigration Consultants in Dubai. Examples include student visas and family sponsorships. These allow you to establish foundations in the country, seek employment, and apply for permanent residency.