New Schengen visa rules

New Schengen Visa Rules Offer Extended Validity and Multiple Entries for Indian Nationals

New Schengen visa rules

New Schengen Visa Rules have been Unveiled, Featuring Longer Validity and Multiple Access Options for Indian Nationals.

The Schengen area is a zone that comprises 29 European countries that have agreed to open up mutual borders. As a result, there is a free movement of citizens across countries in the region without having to go through the tiresome process of visa processing. Speaking of international travelers the ones from India have been offered a unique opportunity with the new Schengen visa rules introduced recently. This opportunity is a catch for travelers from India who apply for short-term stays with permission for 90-day stays within 180 days.

The newly adopted visa regime termed “Cascade” appears to be in a favorable light for Indian nationals. Released as a part of the EU-India Common Agenda on Migration and Mobility, this has been seen as a golden opportunity by the Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai, UAE. A professional assistant will be a wiser choice to leverage this opportunity. However, having a basic idea of these newly released rules will be helpful for better navigation.

New Schengen Visa Rules: The Good News

On the 18th of April 2024, the European Commission released a fresh lease of rules to offer multi-entry Schengen visas to Indian nationals with longer validity. According to these rules, Indians who have acquired two visas in the last three years lawfully, upon applying for the short-stay Schengen visas can access a long-term multi-entry visa for 2- 5 years. It can even be extended for another five years given that the passports have sufficient validity.

The Context

According to a European Union announcement these rules come in the context of an EU-India Common Agenda on Migration and Mobility which demands comprehensive cooperation on migration policies between EU and India.

Advantages of New Rules

Long-term Validity:

As mentioned earlier this is a golden opportunity to access long-term visa validity.

Better Travel Rights:

During the validity of this visa Indian nationals will be able to commute through Schengen areas with rights equivalent to that of visa-free nationals. This means that they can enter and exit Schengen countries without the need for separate visas. However, it doesn’t give work permits during the stay. 

Processing Time for Schengen Visas

It depends on the consulate’s workload and the time of year. An average waiting period could be about 15 calendar days. However, if it is a peak season it can go up to 30 to 60 days. The good news for Indians is that these new Schengen visa rules released in the context of better cooperation between India and the EU countries offer prospects of expedited visa processing for Indian Nationals.

Cost of Schengen Visa

An approximate cost for a Schengen visa is Rs.7200 for adults and Rs.3600 for minors. If you bring children below 6 years they are exempted from visa fees. 


This is a broad picture of the Schengen visa rules released by the European Commission. By working with the best immigration consultants in Dubai this opportunity can be untangled further. In this direction, Trenity Immigration Consultants with a reputation for expertise in this industry will be an ideal choice.


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Ireland Work Visa

How to apply for an Ireland work visa?

Ireland Work Visa

How to apply for an Ireland work visa?

Ireland, an island country located in North Western Europe in the North Atlantic waters, is a stunning location with rugged coastlines and lush green countryside. The quality of life and the vibrant cities like Dublin also make it an attractive destination for expats to start pursuing an Ireland work visa. Moreover, the friendly locals, their music, and their culture also make it a hub of expat immigration. Data from the Central Statistics Office (CSO) of Ireland which shows that about 17 percent of Ireland’s population was comprised of non-Irish nationals as of 2021 is a figure that gives testimonies to these observations. 


As a part of Europe, EU and EEA nationals have an automatic right to enter Ireland without a visa. However, non-EU/EEA nationals are required to acquire visa for work. Since it can be a tedious affair getting assistance from the Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai, UAE will be a good idea. If you choose for a DIY approach instead of hiring professionals here are some insights that could be helpful.

Where to Begin with

To apply for an Irish work visa it is essential to have the right work permit. It can be obtained from the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment (DETE). Once the work permit has been obtained you can pursue an employment visa. The whole process can be started within 3 months before the date of travel. It could take up to 8 weeks depending on the home country and the workload of the processing authorities.

Different Pathways for Visa and Permit

The major options for Ireland work visa are of two types. They are Critical Skills Employment Permit and General Employment Permit. The former is for highly skilled foreign workers who are qualified to fill such vacancies that are in shortage in Ireland. Since they are considered significant contributors to the economy this is a channel towards faster residency permits. On the other side, the General employment permit is a scheme for skilled laborers over a wide area of opportunities. Other than these two categories Ireland encourages work permits such as Dependent Employment Permits and Contract for Services Employment Permits among other options.

How to Apply for a Visa

Visa can be applied via AVATS which is an online visa/preclearance application facility in Ireland. You will have to answer a series of questions presented by the system, take a printout of the application form, and sign it before submitting it with supporting documentation. The details regarding where you have to submit all such documentation will be provided with the application form. Act accordingly.

Visa Processing Fees

The fee for an Ireland work visa depends on visa type and intended period of stay. Generally, an amount of about 1000 Euros for a 24-month stay and 500 Euros for a 6-month stay in Ireland can be expected. If you want to extend the 6-month permit up to 36 months it can take an additional amount of 1500 Euros. One exception in this direction is for the Exchange Agreement Permit. Since you enter Ireland through this permit under an international agreement for up to 2 years visa fees are exempted. Make sure to work with the best immigration consultants in Dubai, UAE to be prepared for any hidden additional charges.


Understandably, you find this procedure a bit overwhelming. Moreover, there is an additional task of ensuring all the supporting documents to avoid a smooth visa processing without facing a refusal. It happens that immigrants miss out on essential documentation. This is where you need the support of a professional who is dedicated to serving immigration requirements. At Trenity Immigration Consultants you have such a reliable partner to work with. 


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UK work visas to healthcare workers

UK granted 337,240 work visas to healthcare workers in 2023

UK work visas to healthcare workers

UK granted 337,240 work visas to healthcare workers in 2024

International migrations were on the rise with the International Organization for Migration reporting about 281 million international migrants worldwide in 2020. Post the global blockades that have been necessitated by the Covid-19 pandemic this trend seems to have acquired a new vigour. UK work visas to healthcare workers have been significantly reflecting such a global trend. The latest data which shows that the UK has granted 337,240 work visas to healthcare workers in 2023 is an ostensible proof of this existing trend. 


Here is an evaluation of this situation based on insights from the Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai, UAE. The National Health Service (NHS) in the UK is heavily dependent on migrant health workers. Following the pandemic, there have been about 150,000 vacancies in the sector which gave a rationale for the extension of skilled worker visas to international care workers from February 2022. However, the internal political pressure also forces the administration to control healthcare immigrants with quality checks. The point-based system introduced in the UK akin to other international visa allocation procedures such as the student visa is in place for necessary quality checks. Regardless of this fact, there is a considerable increase in immigrants as evident from the latest development.

The Situation

In 2023 the UK granted 337,240 work visas according to statistics from the Interior Ministry. This is 26 percent higher than in 2022. A rise in health and care sector visas by about 91 percent seems to be a driving factor in this jump. 146, 477 visas were issued in this sector in total. The situation as a by-product also triggered a huge influx of dependant of these healthcare workers. Of the 279,131 visas issued to family members of workers 73 percent belong to that of health and care sector workers.


Demand from Britain’s aging population is on the rise. A demographic that is witnessing high life expectancy and low replacement rates seems to be making a shift toward a dependent population. In a study published by the Government of the UK, it was found that over 70 percent of the UK population 

growth between 2014 and 2039 will be in the over-60 age group. This is an increase from 14.9 to 21.9 million people. In this context health and care sector is expected to have better opportunities in the future. In the “Skilled Worker- Health and Care” Visa scheme that witnessed 146,477 visas last year 60 percent were for workers in residential care homes or those providing care in people’s own homes. So here there is an opportunity to leverage UK work visas to healthcare workers.

Ways to Leverage Opportunity

Enhance Your Skills:

Since the priority of these visa granting is based on skilled laborers, it will be beneficial to pursue skills that are in demand in the UK. Since health and care is an emerging area, gaining certifications and experience in that sector can be of help.

Stay Informed About Immigration Policies:

Immigration policies are highly volatile and depend on bilateral relations and the requirements of the country. Staying updated on these policies can help to leverage open opportunities. 

Seek Professional Advice:

No layman can outmatch a professional immigration consultant. They can provide proper guidance meanwhile offering updates and insights into changing norms and policies.


Trenity Consultants being the Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai, UAE takes an extra leap and provides a comprehensive service for your immigration consultation needs. To gauge our expertise feel free to reach out to us.


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Germany Skilled Workers Immigration

Germany Implemented New Skilled Workers Immigration Law on March 1st.

Germany Skilled Workers Immigration

Germany Implemented New Skilled Workers Immigration Law on March 1st

Germany located in central Europe is the largest economy in Europe. Equipped with well-developed infrastructure and a penchant for innovation it offers diverse job opportunities across various sectors. Encouraged by such an environment Germany skilled workers immigration channels had given fruitful endeavors for immigrants. From engineering and manufacturing to health care, education, and research, various areas have seen immigrant presence in past and present years. 

The Skilled Immigration Act which facilitates such an immigrant presence has witnessed a radical change in the immigration rules since it has been reworked in the German Parliament. The Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai, UAE have been vigilant to these changing norms as it unveiled an open door for immigrants with liberal policies. The policy shift is not an abrupt action. But a phased release of notifications that are seen by immigrants in an optimistic light.

The Background

Germany is faced with an unprecedented situation in which it is short of hundreds of thousands of employees. The most affected sectors include IT, Healthcare, logistics, and the contractor fields. This has resulted in the administration leveraging workers from outside the European Union with little conditions such as a two-year experience and recognised graduation. The first phase of the enactment of this law was released in November 2023. The EU blue card issued in this phase facilitated qualified workers from countries outside Europe to immigrate to Germany without German language requirements. The March 1st notification is the latest and second phase of this three-phased policy change.

The March 1st Germany Skilled Workers Immigration Law

The Work Experience Clause

Two years of practical experience in non-regulated careers with a degree or vocational qualification recognized by the country of origin makes workers eligible to migrate to Germany. They should also meet a salary threshold. This simplified immigration policy is intended to reduce bureaucratic hurdles to the way of seamless immigration of qualified workers. According to Interior Minister Nancy Faeser, this new regulation is a significant building block in bridging the skills gap in Germany.

Leeway for Nurses and Health Care Workers

In the past nurses were required to complete three years of training as a nursing assistant. With this new lease of life, the job market in Germany will be able to absorb people who have done training as nursing assistants for one or two years into a permanent posting. However, this regulation requires these professionals to have trained as a nurse in Germany or a foreign qualification that is accepted in the country. This policy change is demanded by a requirement of 150,000 nursing staff in the healthcare sector of Germany.

Student Benefits: Employment Opportunities

A part-time working scheme is allotted for students. Under this scheme, they will be permitted to work up to 20 hours per week. Moreover, the annual working time is extended to 140 full days or 280 half days adding relief for students who aspire to work, earn, and get some experience.


Other than these liberalized norms the March 1st Germany skilled workers immigration law also facilitates foreign skilled workers to take their family into Germany without having to provide proof of sufficient living space. 

The law has not yet finished. Another phase which is expected to be in effect by June 2024 has in its store a point-based opportunity card that enhances your chance of getting hired in the country. A vigilant watch is inevitable to catch up with the wind of all such policy changes. This is exactly why you need assistance from the Best immigration consultants in Dubai, UAE who are committed to this area of service. Trenity Immigration Consultants with efficient collaborations within Germany will be a wise choice in this direction.


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Hungary new immigration law

Hungary Implements New Immigration Law for Resident Permits 2024

Hungary new immigration law

Hungary Implements New Immigration Law for Resident Permits 2024

Hungary is a country in central Europe which is known for its rich history, vibrant culture, and stunning architecture. This is one of the prime reasons that attracts immigrants into this landlocked territory. However, the policies of this country since the European Migrant crisis in 2015 have been controversial and protective. The latest Hungary new immigration law also reflects this protective nature. It has raised concerns for low-skilled and guest laborers who aspire to find a new living in this country. 

The background of this new law is very obvious. The increasing influx of the immigrant population through Hungary’s Work Visas has threatened the local job market. So they found it essential to strike a balance between the requirement for high skills and the security of the local labourers. Here are some insights into this situation with reliable updates from the best immigration consultants in Dubai, UAE. Please be informed to avoid any sort of apprehension.

Notified Changes

The law has been implemented as early as 1st January 2024. However, it got practical effect only from March 1, 2024. The changes notified include:

Multiple Permits in Place of Single Permit Visa:

As per the earlier provisions there was a work and residence permit often called a single permit. This has been replaced by multiple permits including guest worker permits, the Hungarian card, and the residence permit for the purpose of posting. The Hungarian card which is a highly skilled talent work permit is the highlight of Hungary new immigration law. It facilitates talent pools into highly skilled sectors such as engineering as per the requirement of the industry. On the contrary in the case of guest worker permits it appears to be a bleak picture with tight regulations. It is understood that such temporary residence permits will be restricted to certain countries and certain professions.

Residence Permit through Investments:

The new immigration law for residents’ permits also allows gaining permits through investment. A minimum of 250,000 Euros makes investors eligible for ten-year residence permits from July 1, 2024.

These points being the highlights of the new Hungary Work visa and residence permit regulations, the following insights could help navigate visa regulations.

  • Residence Permits: The new law implements 24 residents’ permits, 8 of which are related to employment. 
  • Regarding Other-Country Nationals: Until April 30 there is a restriction for other-country nationals to submit applications. 
  • Old Applications: Applications filed before December 31, 2023, will have to follow old regulations. 
  • Expiring Permits: In case permits expire between January and February, the period of suspension of procedures, the validity is automatically extended until April 30, 2024.


So by now, you must have understood the bright sides and downsides of this new immigration law for resident permits. It is indeed an unfortunate event that the guest workers are restricted from permanent residence in Hungary with limited permit extensions up to a total of 3 years.

However, it is not a time to feel discouraged. By working with the Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai it is still possible to leverage the best out of the 24 residence permit schemes enabled by the new law. Trenity Consultants having experience and expertise in this field can be your ideal partner for a secure relocation to Hungary.


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Top Universities in Australia

Top 10 Universities in Australia for International Students in 2024

Top Universities in Australia

Top 10 Universities in Australia for International Students in 2024

Education is indeed an opportunity to explore the world. It is an added privilege to travel beyond borders and study at an overseas educational institution. Moreover, the quality of education offered by the developed countries is one more reason to migrate internationally. Australia is one of the many alluring destinations for international students. Top universities in Australia are also competent enough to meet the demands of this high-quality education. According to the Australian Government’s Department of Education, Skills and Employment, in 2020 there were over 750,000 international students enrolled in Australia’s education institutions. However challenging this may seem, the country is effectively managing this situation with top-notch educational infrastructure. 

 The qualities to look for in a university include its world-class quality, employability, innovative teaching solutions, and research opportunities. With a thoughtful effort in finding the best university available in this country, it is possible to leverage the best out of an Australia Study Visa. Here are some best universities to make an informed choice. 

Here we have the top-ranked university in Australia. It is a facility that competes with world-class education leading to a ranking that lists it as the 34th in terms of quality and 8th in terms of graduate employability among universities around the world. The education system within this campus is designed to produce a set of individuals who could make sensible changes in the world. The average annual fee for international students at the University of Melbourne is in the range of 44,000 AUD.

Even though Canadian work experience is preferred under this scheme, there are alternate channels with overseas work experience. However, since meeting the Canadian skill shortage is the ultimate goal applicant should be eligible to contribute to the country’s economic growth.

There is a reason for this university to be listed as first in Australia in terms of graduate employability. Connections with industries, real-world experience, and career support offered by this institution are top-notch. Also in the realm of world-class education, research, employability, and student experience the University of Sydney has an upper hand. Even though its annual fee is in the range of 45,500 AUD multiple scholarships and prices in the range of millions make this institution a top choice among high-performing and aspiring international students. 

ANU is renowned for its alignment with research. If you are a candidate who would like to make significant research contributions to the world, here we have an institution with the highest number of Nobel laureates as alumni and staff. The affiliations with international research associations also make it an ideal place for better research prospects.

Career-oriented education, mentorship opportunities, and excellent teaching make this institution appealing to students who would like to transform their lives and the world around them. The 83 million dollar scholarship per year makes this university even more appealing for international students.

Being one of the top universities in Australia with a global presence Monash University is committed to preparing its students to be a part of the global workforce. Research Collaborations, global partnerships and study abroad programs offered by this university are a part of such a commitment.

Here is another university in Australia that provides top-notch education and subjects that are relevant and employable. It has also been listed in the top 100s of the reputed rankings such as the Shanghai Rankings Academic Ranking of World Universities 2020. Such listings at the global level stand as a testament to their commitment to world-class education. Moreover, they strive to make education accessible to students across the world by providing scholarship opportunities.

The fact that the Times Higher Education World University Rankings for 2023 placed it at 53rd in the world is a proof of its hailed quality in education. Also, a commitment to creating world-class products or human resources that contribute significantly to the world around makes them one of the top universities in Australia.

Located in the city of Adelaide this is a prestigious university tied to the educational history of Australia. Including being the very first in welcoming female students it has in volumes to speak about a liberal and open atmosphere. If you intend to study in an institution with such lofty backgrounds and reputed and ground-breaking alumni such as Australia’s first female Prime Minister this is your place.

With a commitment to ensuring research and education go hand in hand, this is another prestigious institution in Australia that offers practice-based learning. With a vision to create world leaders, they focus on inculcating students with the skills and knowledge necessary to lead and guide the world.

Another campus that is dedicated to research and excellence. With a capacity of 45000 students third of them being international students, Macquarie University distinguishes itself through community partnerships and global leadership programs. Aligning with the average fee structure of reputed Australian universities they charge an annual fee of 44,500 AUD.


With this much insight into the top universities in Australia, you may by now have found yourself equipped to choose the right institution for your education. However, without assistance from an immigration consultant your Australia Study visa may stumble upon potential hurdles. This is exactly why immigration consultants like Trenity Consultants are here to give you comprehensive assistance.


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