Permanent Residency

3 Major Misconceptions About Guaranteed Permanent Residency

Resettling to another place with new experiences, new people and new culture is always exciting. But it is not that simple as it seems to be. It takes planning, calculating, cost of living, finding a new place and beyond these all the hustle of the paper works, when you want to settle in an entirely different country. So seeking help and guidance from the best immigration consultants in Dubai, as ours, Trenity Consultants can make it easier. We guide you all through the to-do-lists and also the not-to-do-lists to build your home in your dream land.

What to Know?

Before taking the first step to migrate, make sure you do some reliable research about the procedures to migrate, documents to produce, a good migration consultant, laws of the country, lifestyle, laws applied on immigrants, acknowledge the rights you will be offered as an immigrant, cost of living and many more. At Trenity Consultants, we are known to be the best immigration consultants in Dubai, as our team offers a clear understanding about everything you need to know about the country you are planning to move into.

Bane of Rumours

We are often forced to tackle with major misconceptions about the procedures of immigration at our office at Trenity Consultants, immigration consultants in Dubai. People come to us with their own notions of misconceptions relying heavily on the information given by their friends and family, which they themselves have sought, and thus been mislead.

Most probably, these misleading comes from rumours, about the long past immigrants when the laws were completely different from those of now. Most of the immigration laws keep changing according to political, economic, social scenarios of the country.

So being updated about the latest immigration laws is crucial for simpler route to your dream country. This becomes easier when you connect with best immigration consultants, as they will always keep themselves updated and enriched about the changes in different countries.

3 major misconceptions over the procedures of immigration:

Yes, to be aware about the procedures and requirements about immigration to any country is important. But not falling to pits of rumours about the false immigration procedures and standards of the country is much crucial. Believing the misconceptions can take away your opportunity from safely reaching the country and to build a home at the place you dreamt to.

Let us tackle some of the misunderstanding about the immigration procedures.

1. Permanent residency and citizenship is NOT the same thing

People often think citizenship in a country and having permanent residency is the same thing. Even though permanent residency can lead to citizenship, both has its differences.

A person’s visa status allowing him to reside in the country permanently is referred to by the permanent residency. He or she is allowed to work, travel in and out of the country, but is not benefitted with rights of citizen to vote. Whereas, citizenship offers every right like a native, and the person also enjoys the right to vote.

2. Knowing someone in the embassy cannot ease the procedures

All visa applications are processed in the order they have been applied. Priority dates are announced every month to show the applications that would be currently processed. So you have to wait for your turn.

3. A vistor’s visa does not allow you to work in the country legally

To work in a different country, you need to have authorised employment with a worker’s visa. While, a vistor’s visa allows you only a limited period for business purposes or vacation

Let us trace the right roads to your dream country, and Trenity Consultants, the best migration consultants in Dubai are here to make it happen.

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