Australia Immigration Rule

Australia Immigration Rule Changes in 2024 and Impact

Australia Immigration Rule

Australia Immigration Rule Changes in 2024 and Impact

Australia is yet another popular destination for migrants around the world. It welcomes around 2 lakh immigrants annually. It is evident from these figures that the Australia Immigration Rule is pretty much accommodative towards the migrant population. However, recently some changes have been made on to the policies including a rise in the financial capacity requirement for student visas. Updating to these changing norms is essential to navigate the immigration regime.

From increased IELTS score points to new and improved nomination pathways these policy shifts provide encouragement as well as disappointment factors. Australia’s Skilled Migration is also facing a shift with policies including opportunities for temporary skilled sponsored workers. On the other side ending of the COVID-19 concession for all visa sub-classes comes as a blow to categories including employee-sponsored visa and family visa holders. 

The new migration strategy released by the Australian government is about to be explored in the following sections.

Migration Strategy and the key Australian immigration changes for 2024

Skill Targeted Pathways:

Specialist skill pathway, core skill pathway, and essential skill pathway are the three new skills in demand visa about to be created. The first pathway benefits highly skilled workers with a minimum guaranteed annual earnings of 1,35,000 AUD. However, machinery operators, drivers, and trades workers are exempted from this category. The second program will benefit workers with fundamental skills necessary to meet workforce demands. This new list of opportunities will be updated according to the demands in the job market. Meanwhile, the third pathway focuses on workers with essential skills earning below 70,000 AUD. Thus these new changes about to happen in Australia Immigration Rule is a positive sign with new and targeted opportunities.

Student Visa Applications:

Other than Australia skilled migrations the influx of students form a major share of its immigrant population. With a goal to support learning and increase employment outcomes for these students IELTS or its equivalent scores have been increased. For a student 500 visa IELTS will rise from 5.5 points to 6.0. In the case of graduate visa applicants it has been increased from 6.0 to 6.5. Other than these the amount of savings they have to prove on the application process has been projected to the range of 24,000 AUD. In the case of graduated students, the length of a post-study visa is expected to change. However temporary graduate visas in the range of 2 to 3 years will give students some time to get work experience.

Closure of the COVID Visa:

The pandemic event 408 COVID-19 visa holders will be able to apply for subsequent visas until the visa is fully closed by February 2024. All other visa holders will be ineligible for a pandemic event visa from 2 September 2023. This has come as a blow to other visa holders.


Australia relies on a point-based system to allow permanent residency for skilled migrants. This system is also subjected to revisions to target the best talents who will contribute considerably to the Australian economy. Thus immigration process into Australia can be expected to tighten with priorities on quality rather than mass immigration entries. 


Navigating this changing landscape of Australian immigration rule could backfire in the absence of updated knowledge. As an immigrant, you are not supposed to have sources of such knowledge. That is why we at Trenity Consultants are here for you. Our valuable sources ensure that you don’t miss out on anything. Reach out to us for better insights.


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Major Changes in Canada study Visa Program

Canada Announces Major Changes to Study Visa Programme, 2024

Major Changes in Canada study Visa Program

Canada Announces Major Changes to Study Visa Programme, 2024

International migration has drawn a positive graph over the decades. According to the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), there were around 281 million international migrants in the world in 2020. This is about 190 million more than the data from 1990.

The recent influx of student migration also adds up to this huge volume of migrants living in a country other than their own. According to the Migration Data Portal, the number of such internationally mobile students is increasing and destinations diversifying.

Canada is one of the primary choices for this student immigration. According to the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the country has witnessed a consistent increase in international students.
The point is immigration in general and student immigration in particular has been putting a growing strain on the resources of developed countries including Canada.

This is what is reflected in the major changes in Canada study visa program for 2024 which has been announced by the end of 2023. Moreover, it has also reflected the need to check the financial aspirations of educational institutions. A seamless immigration process needs a better understanding of these changes.

What is in store for us?

1. Downsides that need preparation

Two-Year Cap:

Nearly 5, 60,000 study visas were issued last year. In 2024 this is expected to reduce to 3, 64,000 with a two-year cap. This is a 35 percent reduction.

Revised Cost of Living:

The cost of living requirement was CAD Dollar 10,000. From 1st January 2024, this is set to increase to 75 percent of LICO ( low-income cut-off). This will amount to 20,635 CAD. Students will also have to showcase the first year of tuition fees and travel costs in addition to this amount.

Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP):

International students under curriculum licensing arrangements are not qualified for this program. This bar will start in effect from September 2024.

2.Bright Sides

The underlying reasons for regulation:

The Ministry of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship expressed concerns over Canada student visas being allotted without enough preparation. The increasing inflow of students on temporary visas has resulted in strains in the housing industry. Moreover, educational institutions often avail admissions for financial reasons. This results in a lot of immigrants facing a lack of educational infrastructure that meets the demands.

The revision in the cost of living was much needed considering the increased cost of living compared to the standards of the early 2000s.

To sum up, the major changes in Canada study visa programe are also delivered to ensure the well-being of immigrant students.

Possible Revisions:

The two-year cap is not rigid. It will be reassessed by the end of 2024 to decide on the student visa approval for 2025.

The 3-Year Work Permit

Graduates from master’s programs and short graduate-level programs are offered to apply for a 3-year work permit. The Master’s students who have been limited to the PGWP program that ends with the duration of the study program will benefit from this.

Temporary Policies

The already residing international students in Canada who have applied for a student visa before 7th December 2023 will get a waiver on the 20 hours per week work limit until 31st April 2024. This will allow them to work for more than twenty hours a week.

Also, students who have a PGWP that expires by December 31, 2023, can apply for an extension of 18 months. This is an accommodation for the work disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

3. Who is not affected by the Cap?

The cap will not affect existing study permit holders or the ones who need a renewal. Masters and Doctorate degrees are also exempted.


In a nutshell, these major changes in Canada study visa programe benefit the students with security and job assurances. Moreover, other policy decisions are designed in a way to benefit the already existing group of international students. Also escalating the application process will help you to effectively leverage those policy implementations. 

Maneuvering this changing landscape of international student migration is easier with the support of an expert. This is where immigration consultants like Trenity Immigration consultants find their relevance. Our experienced team is equipped with updated knowledge of this industry to make your immigration hassle-free.


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Top 10 Immigration Consultants

Top 10 Immigration Consultants in UAE

Top 10 Immigration Consultants

Top 10 Immigration Consultants in UAE

Immigrating to a new country to pursue a better life is a common trend. Most developed countries offer a hospitable environment for immigrants with special schemes for those who migrate with a settlement plan. However, navigating the immigration process is not as easy as dreaming about your life after relocation. In this article, we will discuss the top 10 immigration consultants in the UAE that will provide you seamless migration solutions for your needs.

The complexity of the paperwork and regulatory compliances often turn out to be a headache. This is why it is necessary to hire an immigration consultant who can guide their clients through the process. They will take care of the difficult paperwork. Meanwhile, the client can relax and continue with their dreams abroad.

Finding the best consultant with expertise is important to ensure this stress-free journey. Here is a list of the top 10 immigration consultants to make the search easier.

1. Trenity Immigration Consultants

Expertise and knowledge in immigration are essential to avoid visa application rejections and the delays thus caused. Within this parameter, Trenity Consultants are the Best immigration Consultants in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Qualified professional team who are updated on the latest developments on immigration guides their clients on the right track.

With offices spreading across UAE, Qatar, Oman, and Kuwait they are well-established and reliable partners. The comprehensive service offered by them with transparency and clarity leaves an array of satisfied clients. Their 5000+ trusted clientele is the concrete proof of their results. They are also certified by MARA ( Migration Agents Registration Authority), ICCRC ( Immigration Consultant of Canada Regulatory Council), and many other reputed certification authorities. 

2. Navigate Migrate

Certified by MARA and MIA (Migration Institute of Australia) they are a team of licensed immigration experts who are trusted partners for immigration to multiple countries including Canada, Australia, the US, the UK, and Europe. An extensive understanding of the industry and a team of professionals updated in the latest immigration rules and guidelines make them one of the top 10 immigration consultants in the UAE.


They are among the largest immigration service providers in the UAE. Their global presence with 25 associate offices around the world including in the most sought-after immigration destinations such as Canada and Australia gives them an edge in this industry. Along with these the qualified staff and extensive knowledge of immigration services make them one of the best in this field.

4. Pelican Migration

Pelican Migration provides one of the top-class services to relocate clients to New Zealand, Australia, and Canada. Certifications by the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants ( a Canadian Regulatory Authority) make them specialists in Canadian immigration.

5. Global Migration Services

Located in Bur Dubai, Dubai Global Migration Services is known for its immigration services to Canada, the USA, the UK, and the Caribbean. They are also certified by ICCRC. In terms of expertise and customer support, they compete with other leading immigration services. This makes them one of the best immigration consultants in Dubai, UAE.

6. Royal Migration Solutions

They offer immigration services to Germany, Australia, the UK, Denmark, and Canada among many other countries. Known for smooth operations of the immigration process you can rely on Royal Migration Solutions for a seamless journey into visa processing and allied services. Certifications such as ICCRC, AILA, and OISC endorse the trustworthiness of these immigration consultants.

7. Yash Global Consultants

Being a relatively new player in immigration consultancy services Yash Global Consultants has managed to top the chart of immigration consultants in UAE. Regardless of their short span of about five years in the field, they have managed to get certified by ICCRC and MARA among many others.

8. Vazir Group

Vazir Group with a highly professional team and experts is another entity that gives tight competition to other Immigration services in the UAE. With commendable expertise, they have been able to facilitate immigration into Canada, the UK, Europe, and the Caribbean.

9. Cosmos Immigration

Located in Oudh Meda, Dubai Cosmos Immigration is another trusted partner that is capable of facilitating immigration services for New Zealand, Denmark, the USA, the UK, and Canada. They are also certified by MARA and ICCRC.

10. A2W Consultants

A2W consultants who specialize in immigration and visa consultancy services for immigration to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the UK, and the US are one more consultancy that you can trust to provide reliable service. They are very well-updated on the latest trends in immigration regulations of the countries in which they specialize.


These top 10 immigration consultants are cherry-picked from a long list of immigration service providers across the UAE based on their competency and certifications. Trenity Immigration Consultants being the top consultancy service extends their service towards the major relocation destinations that include Canada, the USA, the UK, Australia, and Europe. The state-of-the-art services provided by them including online visa processing services and their collaborations beyond borders give them a cutting edge over competitors in the industry. Without a doubt, they can be considered the best immigration consultants in Abu Dhabi, UAE.


Three Pathways To A Work Permit

Three Pathways To A Work Permit For It Professionals Coming To Canada

The importance of a strong technology sector to Canada’s economy and development cannot be underestimated.


India’s technology sector is critical to Canada’s ability to foster innovation, pursue future growth, and develop as a country. As a result, Canada is in high demand for technical talent from around the world.


This demand is evident in many ways, but not more so than in the introduction of a category-based lottery within the Express His entry for professionals with recent work experience in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) careers.


To meet this national need for technology workers, several work permit options are available for individuals in information technology (IT) careers. Three examples of these work permit options are Global Talent Stream (GTS), CUSMA (Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement) Professional, and Intra-Company Transfer (ICT).

Global Talent Stream

Global Talent Stream (GTS) is a dedicated immigration pathway that helps Canadian employers hire foreign technical talent.


Through GTS, certain employers (either those referred from the stream or those recruiting for specific positions) can support the growth of their business by hiring international workers in such a way so that they can work around two weeks from the date they submit their application.


This is achieved through GTS’ rapid processing of work permit applications and Temporary Residence Visas (TRVs).


Due to the growing demand for technical talent across Canada, this program is designed to support Canada’s IT sector, as many of the skilled technical jobs under the GTS are in software, engineering, design, computer, etc. may be particularly useful for foreigners interested in Programmers, Information Systems Analysts, Computer/Information Systems Managers.


Note: GTS-eligible employers looking to hire IT professionals may qualify for a Rapid Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). The purpose of the LMIA is to verify that the employment of foreign nationals by Canadian companies does not have a negative impact on the country’s labor market.

CUSMA Professionals

Under CUSMA, certain US and Mexican nationals can obtain Canadian work permits without their LMIA, allowing eligible foreign nationals from these countries to move to Canada (in the IT field) more quickly than they otherwise would.


Workers in approximately 60 professions will be eligible for their CUSMA occupational work permit through this North American Agreement. Many of the professions eligible for this specific permit under CUSMA fall within the IT sector. Examples include computer systems analysts, graphic designers, writers for technical publications, and computer engineers.

Intra-Company Transferee

Intra-Company Transferee (ICT) is a foreign national who can obtain a Canadian work permit without an LMIA. This is possible if the foreign national has been employed by a company abroad for at least one year and comes to Canada to work in a Canadian subsidiary, subsidiary, parent company, or branch of the company.


Among the three categories under which foreigners can obtain their ICT work permit, one is specifically aimed at those with “special and proprietary knowledge of the company or its products.” This is usually the category in which an IT professional will be eligible for an ICT work permit.

How can Trenity Consultants help you?

We at Trenity Consultants are exceptional in arranging work permits for Canada by offering knowledgeable advice and all-encompassing assistance. We handle the intricacies of the application procedure, guaranteeing that every prerequisite is fulfilled. Trenity Consultants offers applicants individualized support to reduce obstacles and increase the likelihood of a Canada work permit being approved. Feel free to visit our website to learn more.

Australia's New Immigration Strategy

Real Students Need Not Worry About Australia’s New Immigration Strategy, Experts Say

Amid the uproar after the Australian Government announced its updated Immigration Strategy on 11 December 2023, there are questions about the impact of the eight key measures and 25 new policy commitments announced and the future immigration reform.


Does this mean they are less likely to migrate to Australia? Will the permanent resident program be strengthened to admit only highly qualified workers? Will it mean that Indian students are less likely to move to Australian universities? Will it have a negative impact on my chances of getting into an Australian university?


There are approximately 120,000 Indian students enrolled in Australia (as of August 2023), and the fate of Indian students seeking to study at Australian universities may be affected.


The first assurance came from Australia’s High Commissioner Philip Green that the commitments agreed upon between India and Australia under the Australia-India Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement (ECTA) will continue under the new immigration strategy.


Shortly after the transition strategy was announced, Mr. Green said, “It will take four years to complete a master’s degree and a Ph.D.”, he said.

What is ECTA and how will ECTA protect Indian students when Australia’s new immigration reforms are implemented?


Effective from 29th December 2022, ECTA will provide Indian students with post-study work visas as per the agreement,” it clarifies. After completing their studies, students enrolled in diploma courses can apply for a visa. The validity period is up to 18 months.


Similarly, students pursuing a bachelor’s degree can now apply for a work visa for up to two years after graduation, and students pursuing a master’s or doctoral degree can now apply for a visa for up to four years This means you can work in Australia for up to four years. “Over the next one to four years, more than 100,000 Indian students will benefit from post-study work visas under the agreement,” ECTA said.


The new immigration strategy will not have a negative impact on the future of Indian students in Australia. However, as part of the reforms, Australia has cracked down on undocumented international students and language rules have also been tightened. International students must obtain a score of 6 or higher on the International English Language Testing System “IELTS”. Closer inspection of documents will definitely increase your rejection rate. The government announced it would invest in $19 million in the Home Office’s Student Visa Integrity Unit.


However, serious students need not worry about the possibility of studying in Australia,” said Mamta Shekhwat, founder of, an overseas study platform with offices in Udaipur and Jaipur (Rajasthan). The exact number of students per year is not yet clear, but it is likely to be halved by 2025. But Shekhwat believes visas can be approved if students are well prepared and their “risk assessment” is solid.


 “Strict measures against international students were already evident last quarter when document verification was far more intensive than when Australian universities opened their doors to international students after the end of the coronavirus pandemic. It is important to remember that students make a significant contribution to the national treasury of the destination country, which is why no country can completely close its doors to international students”, says Shekhwat, who has helped nearly 2 million students to study abroad.

Will the transition strategy affect students who are already registered for the next academic year?


“No,” says Mohammed Feezam, Marketing Director at Ives Australia ( in Melbourne, which is a licensed immigration company licensed by the Australian government’s Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA).


“The Australian Government has not yet announced when the changed rules will come into effect, so Indian students who have already confirmed their admissions need not worry,” Fazeem added, adding that this strategy The aim is to “thwart the attempts of imposters,” he said.


Students who enter the country in the name of education quickly end up in low-skilled jobs, which has a huge impact on local economies and employment opportunities. But what is the best way to approach the approval process?


“Always go to his MARA agent,” say his MARA agents, brothers Rashid Backer and Hiyas Backer of He also said “It is a little-known fact that only registered migration agents, legal practitioners, and exempt persons can legally provide immigration assistance in Australia.”


Under the Immigration Act 1958 that provides immigration assistance in Australia, it is a legal requirement for migration agents to be registered with the OMARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority),” added Bakkar, who divides his time between offices in Dubai and India. “It is not necessary to use a registered migration agent to apply for a visa. However, especially if your case is complex, you may need the professional assistance of a registered migration agent.”

What about professionals planning to migrate to Australia? Will this number also go down?


“The Migration Strategy aims at the temporary migration of skilled workers to meet skills needs and promote labor mobility. The new Skills-in-Demand visa will increase the number of migrants in the labor market. It is planned with three targeted pathways and visa settings to facilitate worker mobility. New commitments include: A new specialist skills pathway will make it easier for Australia to attract highly skilled workers in sectors such as technology and green energy. Core Skills Pathways also allows you to meet the needs of your targeted workforce with a simpler and regularly updated list of the skills that Australia needs. But more clarity will emerge once immigration caps are announced,” Fazeem added, adding that he believes the new rules will streamline labor market inspections and visa processing.

How can Trenity consultants help?


Known for our skill and experience, Trenity Consultants provides excellent support with student immigration to Australia. We offer tailored advice, guaranteeing smooth visa applications, paperwork preparation, and adherence to Australian immigration regulations. Students get a trustworthy companion in Trenity Consultants, which raises the chances of students having a fruitful and fulfilling time studying in Australia. Visit our website to know more.

Grenada Citizenship

Trenity Consultants – Rewards for Holding a Grenadian Passport: Guide to Citizenship by Investment

Citizenship by Investment program in Grenada offers access to a wealth of benefits and attracts investors from all over the world. From its picturesque landscapes to its stable political climate, Grenada offers an idyllic setting for those seeking their second passport. Trenity Consultants are excellent at guiding individuals through the intricacies of this program, ensuring a smooth and successful application process. Read on to know all about the benefits of holding a Grenadian Passport.

Benefits of holding a Grenada passport

  1. Global mobility: The Grenada passport provides visa-free access to many countries including the Schengen area, the UK, and China. This newfound global mobility is a valuable asset for business and leisure travel.
  2. Educational Opportunities: Access to world-class education is becoming a reality for Grenadians. This gives everyone educational opportunities for themselves and their families at prestigious international institutions.
  3. Grow your business: Grenada citizenship makes it easy to start a business anywhere around the world. Entrepreneurs can explore new markets, establish international support, and benefit from the country’s business-friendly environment.
  4. Tax benefits: Grenada offers a favorable tax regime with no wealth, inheritance, or capital gains taxes. Trenity Consultants ensures that investors are fully informed about the tax benefits associated with Grenada citizenship and assists them in making informed financial decisions.
  5. Quality of Life: With its warm climate, pristine beaches, and welcoming community, Grenada offers a high quality of life. Our staff at Trenity Consultants helps individuals seamlessly integrate into the local lifestyle and make a smooth transition to their newfound home.

As one of the best immigration consultants in Dubai, Trenity Consultants stands out for our expertise in solving the complexities of the Citizenship by Investment Program in Grenada. With a commitment to excellence, personalized advice, and a track record of success, Trenity Consultants ensures that your path to Grenada citizenship is not just a process, but a transformative experience.


Go on board the journey of endless possibilities with Trenity Consultants as your guide to Grenada citizenship by investment. From global mobility to improved business prospects and a better quality of life, holding a Grenada passport offers countless benefits. Trenity Consultants will be your forever supportive partner in realizing these benefits and turning your second citizenship dream into a concrete and enriching reality. So why wait? Call us today to know more.

Canada Student Visa Application

Trenity Consultants – Guide to Prevent Rejection of Canada Student Visa Application

The process of applying for a Canada Student Visa from the UAE might be very interesting but also very demanding. With the complex immigration procedure, potential pitfalls, and evolving visa rules, there should be a reliable companion right with you. Trenity Consultants, one of the best Canadian immigration firms in Dubai, can be of huge support for students who are looking forward to studying in Canada. In this blog, we will discuss the strengths of Trenity Consultants that make a Canada student visa application more reliable.

The Complexity of Canada Student Visa Process:

Acquiring a Canada student visa includes dealing with various forms, fulfilling strict conditions, and mastering the intricacies of Canadian immigration laws. Even the slightest mistake in processing can lead to rejection and subsequent delays in study pursuit goals. Trenity Consultants understands that this is complex, and it provides a guide through the steps for ease of acceptance with minimal risk.

  1. Stringent Documentation Requirements:

The application for a Canada Student Visa involves providing a set of requirements, including transcripts, a letter of acceptance from the Canadian institution, proof of sufficient funds to sustain while in Canada, and evidence of English or French fluency. It is important to ensure that these documents are complete and accurate so that any mistake would lead to rejection.

  1. Financial Adequacy and Proof of Funds:

Providing evidence of one’s capability to cater for tuition fees alongside living expenditure among other requirements remains mandatory factors during the admission procedure. You will require a thorough knowledge of Canada immigration policies toward building a strong financial profile to provide proper financial information.

  1. Understanding Language Proficiency Requirements z:

It is a necessary condition that a Canada Student is proficient in either English or French language. You can meet the language requirements through an IELTS, a TOEFL, or any of many other approved tests. Trenity Consultants makes sure that applicants are fully aware of the particular language requirements, thereby avoiding any errors and making the step as smooth as possible.

  1. Navigating Biometric Data Submission:

Biometric data submission makes the processing even more complicated. We will explain this aspect of ESTA to applicants, so as to make certain that the biometric stage blends smoothly with the rest of the submission process.

  1. Adherence to Timelines:

It is important to follow timelines when applying. Trenity Consultants will help the applicants submit their initial documents on time and respond promptly to every request that may be made by Canadian immigration Authorities.

  1. Immigration Policy Changes:

Canada maintains a changing and updated policy concerning international migration. It is very important to keep up with this because failure to adhere to the current regimes may lead to rejection. Trenity Consultants keep the applicants updated with ongoing updates and advice to prevent them from becoming non-compliant with changing regulations.

Once you understand all these complexities in mind, it becomes apparent how Trenity Consultants stands out as a beacon to guide students through the maze when applying for a visa in Canada. By properly handling the complexities involved at every turn, Trenity Consultants increases the chances of an acceptable application for study in Canada hence, what can be perceived as a demanding venture is actually a well-charted course to a study destination in Canada.

Why Choose Trenity Consultants?

If you are planning to study in Canada, then you would need a Canada student visa from the UAE. Trenity Consultants are well aware of Canadian immigration regulations and we provide personalized advice for UAE applicants. Put your trust in Trenity to handle your visa application procedure smoothly and successfully.


Hiring Trenity Consultants for your Canada Student Visa application from the UAE makes sense as far as success goes. We are professional experts who can help you with a proper transition to Canada and further. Traveling without a visa can be risky because you may end up spending your money without gaining anything on the journey. Instead, by entrusting your journey to Trenity Consultants you raise the probability of getting the visa, hence you travel without worry about your future. Call us or visit our website to know more.

Express Entry Applicants

New Information Reveals Express Entry Applicants Most Likely To Get An Ita This Year

The Government of Canada recently launched data detailing the type of Express Entry candidate, primarily based on a variety of factors*, who most often received an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residence in Canada.


The results of this data came from an evaluation of all Express Entry draws carried out by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) between January and September 2023. During the 9-month duration that this was assessed, a total of 53,455 ITAs have been issued to Canadian immigration applicants.


Note: Express Entry is the call of Canada’s federal application management system for immigration applications to three economic immigration programs: the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), the Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP) and the Canadian Experience Class (CEC). It also manages a part of the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).


*The factors taken into account by the government data included such things as the number of ITAs issued by program, province, Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score, age, and profession.



Based at the information available, the candidates most likely to receive an ITA in 2023 were CEC applicants who were in their 20s. This group was found to also most usually be software program engineers who lived or intended to live in Ontario.

By Program


Broken down by the number of ITAs issued to candidates in each of the three programs managed by the Express Entry system, most invitations were issued to CEC candidates. Candidates from this program were issued 23,910 (almost 45%) ITAs.


FSWP candidates received around 30% of all Express Entry ITAs between January and September this year (15,855 ITAs) whilst PNP applicants had been issued 13,655 ITAs (some 26%). No FSTP candidates received an ITA over these 9 months.

By Province


Based on the province of residence (or intended province of residence) for Express Entry ITA recipients, almost 50% of all ITAs in the reference period were issued to people in or headed to Ontario. The next 3 top provinces by number of ITA recipients were British Columbia (10,655), Alberta (five,280), and Nova Scotia (1,595).


No other province received greater than 1,500 ITAs.

By Age


The following listing breaks down ITAs issued by age between January and September 2023.


  • 19-29: 28,970
  • 30-39: 20,865
  • 40+ : Less than 4,000

How can Trenity Consultants help?

We at Trenity Consultants are one of the top immigration consultants in Canada and worldwide. If you are planning to move to Canada for job or study, we can help you with all the formalities. Our team of experts are there to guide you at every step to make the transition from region to another a happy and seamless experience. Feel free to visit our website to know more.

Immigration Consultants

Your Aspirations, Their Expertise: The Power of Immigration Consultants

In the evolving global landscape, everyone wants to build a new life in a new country. Be it for better job prospects, quality education, or a fresh start, the immigration journey can be a blend of fascinating experiences – both exciting and challenging. Some people might find it difficult to navigate through the complexities of immigration laws and procedures as it requires a deep understanding of the process. This makes the role of immigration consultants crucial. This turns dreams into reality.

If you are looking for the best immigration consultants in Dubai, we at Trenity Consultants are there for you. Over the years, we have built a reputation for excellence, guiding individuals using the intricate web of immigration policies with unmatched expertise.

5 Reasons why we are the best in the industry:


  1. Unparalleled expertise

We at Trenity Consultants have a team of seasoned professionals with extensive knowledge of immigration laws and regulations. We stay updated on the latest updates and changes in policies, ensuring that clients get precise, updated information. This skill is necessary for streamlining the application process and increasing the chances of a positive outcome.


  1. Tailored solutions

We recognize that each individual’s immigration journey is unique. Trenity Consultants takes a customized approach to every case. We understand the specific needs and aspirations of our clients, crafting tailored solutions to align with their goals. Whether it’s a work visa, student visa, or permanent residency, Trenity Consultants develops strategies that cater to diverse immigration goals.


  1. Efficient documentation support


One of the most challenging facets of the immigration process is compiling and submitting the required documentation. Trenity consultants simplify this process by offering you comprehensive support in organizing all necessary paperwork. This attention to detail reduces the risk of errors and delays ensuring a smooth and hassle-free application process.


  1. Transparent communication


We ensure 100% transparency at all times. Keeping that in mind, we keep our clients informed at every step of the process with clear communication about the status of their applications. It is this commitment to openness that boosts confidence and empowers our clients on how to make informed decisions regarding their journey overseas.


  1. Global network


The global network of Trenity consultants is a valuable asset for clients who want to relocate to various countries. We have a deep understanding of global immigration systems and we leverage these connections to simplify seamless transitions. Be it understanding the local culture or navigating the distinctions of a specific immigration system, we are there to guide you at every step.


Apart from the above, another feather in the cap is our proven track record. We are proud of our track record in successful immigration cases. The testimonials from our happy clients are proof of our commitment to excellence.


The decision to migrate is a huge step and having the right guidance makes all the difference. Trenity Consultants are the best immigration consultant in Abu Dhabi that supports individuals who are planning to go overseas for work, study, or any other reasons. Our personalized solutions, unwavering expertise, and a commitment to transparency is what make us one of the best immigration consultants in Dubai, UAE.


Visit our website to know more.


Ending the COVID-19 Concession Period

The COVID-19 concession period ends on November 25, 2023. Since the beginning of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to restrictions on international travel and the deterioration of business and employment conditions. The former government took temporary measures related to the initial concession period. This was intended to provide relief to applicants of certain visa subclasses who are affected by travel restrictions which made it more difficult for them to comply with visa requirements. This included the applicant’s location at the time of application.


The grace period or the concession period is no longer relevant as all international travel restrictions due to COVID-19 have been lifted. Travelers to Australia no longer need to:


  • provide information about their vaccination status, or
  • seek exemption from travel.


Ending the concession period will contribute to a well-managed migration system. This will restore integrity by ensuring that unintended cohorts do not gain access to concessions. Affected visa programs that use the initial grace period are as below:

Employer sponsored visas


From 25 November 2023, new nominations for subsequent visa streams will require Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) holders to have worked for a sponsoring employer or to have worked for medical practitioners and certain managers for 2 of the previous 3 years.


  • Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS)
  • Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS)
  • Transition to Temporary Residence (TRT) flow.

The following benefits related to COVID-19 will become unnecessary and end:


  • Periods of reduced work due to COVID-19 will not count towards the work experience requirements for new applications for nomination to the ENS/RSMS TRT stream.
  • The COVID-19 age exemption for high-income applicants will not apply to new ENS/RSMS visa applications.

The age exemption for older 457 workers in Australia for 12 months during the pandemic from 1 February 2020 to 14 December 2021 will apply to ENS visa applications submitted by 1 July 2024.

Subclass 887 Skilled Regional Visa


The temporary concessions available to holders of eligible skilled visas to apply for a subclass 887 visa are set to approximate the period of the COVID-19 concession period.


The concessions allowed eligible subclass 887 visa applicants to settle in or outside Australia during the concession period and gain access to shorter work periods and regional residence requirements.


Applicants can only access the Employment Requirement Benefit if they:


  • held an appropriate skilled temporary visa during the concession period and
  • submit a valid application within 3 months from Monday 26 February 2024.


The end of the grace period ends any other benefits for the subclass 887 visa.


After 25 November 2023, temporary skilled visa holders who are eligible for a subclass 887 visa must be in Australia but not in immigration clearance when they apply.


Family visas


Concessions related to COVID-19 removed restrictions on “location at the time of visa issuance for certain family program visa applicants.”


Applicants for certain Partner and Child visas who applied before 26 November 2023 and were in Australia at any time during the concession period will still be eligible for a visa in Australia (if they meet all other visa criteria) after the end of the concession period. Concession arrangements for COVID-19 will not apply to partner applicants and children who have not been in Australia at any time during the COVID-19 grace period.


The COVID-19 benefits for some Parent visa applicants only apply during the COVID-19 benefits period from February 1, 2020 to 25 November 2023.

Business innovation and investment program visas


The COVID-19 concessions have been implemented for the Business Innovation and Investment Program (BIIP) under:


  • the provisional subclass 188 visa is the business innovation stream
  • permanent subclass 888 visa in all streams.


BIIP applicants who are eligible for the benefits due to COVID-19 to submit a valid application can do so within 3 months after the end of the benefits period. Applications must be submitted by the end of Monday, February 26, 2024.

Safe Haven Corporate Visa


The end of the COVID-19 waiver will have minimal impact on the Safe Haven Enterprise visa program. The Australian Government has granted a permanent visa to Safe Haven Enterprise visa holders through the Resolution of Status (Subclass 851) (RoS) visa.

Temporary graduate student visa


From 25 November 2023, all applications for any stream of the Temporary Postgraduate Visa (TGV) program must be submitted in Australia. Applications for the following entrants may be submitted within or outside of Australia. The ability to process applications from applicants who are in or outside Australia (but not on immigration leave) will continue.

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