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Canada Announces Changes to Super Visa Income Minimums for 2024

A super visa is a Canadian visa that allows parents or grant parents to visit their children or grandchildren who are Canadian Citizens or PR holders in Canada, for a continuous period of 5 years. This 10 year multiple entry visa is the most convenient route for them to stay back in Canada without visa renewals in a 5-year term. Canada Super Visa is also a better option than the 10-year multiple entry visitor visa that allows only for a 6-month stay in a single visit. Moreover, in case the parent or grandparent wishes to extend their stay in the country beyond 5 years it is possible to extend for another 2 years before the end of the 5-year term.  

The bright side is that the success rates of these applications are usually high. However, it is not a visa scheme that takes in applicants with loose regulations. Certain conditions including income minimums for the children or grandchildren who make the visa invitation, based on their family size, is required.  Health insurance plan for the grandparent or parent is another necessity among others. Similar to Canada Skilled Migration these requirements are to ensure financial support and well being through the duration of the visit. The latest news in this visa scheme is a revision of the income minimums as of June 3, 2024.

Income Requirement: An Overview.

The children or grandchildren who host the parent or grandparent have to show that they earn a minimum income so that they can support the latter’s stay in Canada. This income minimum is based on the family size of the host person. As of 2023, this minimum gross annual income was in the range of CAD 27,514 for a single person (The child or grandchild) to CAD 72,814 for a family unit with 7 persons. For families with more than seven persons, an additional amount of CAD 7,412 per person for the number of persons beyond 7 has to be added while calculating the minimum income requirement.

The notified changes for Super Visa Minimums

The annual gross income requirement for the Super Visa program has seen a 6.8% hike this year. The 2024 range of gross annual income as per the latest notification is in the range of CAD 29,380 for single persons to CAD 77, 750 for 7-person family units of the grandchild or child. In case of exceeding 7 persons, the additional amount per person is CAD 7,916.

The updated minimum gross annual income figures based on family size are as follows:

  • For 1 person it is CAD 29,380
  • Two Persons require CAD 36,576
  • 3 Persons means CAD 44,966
  • For 4 persons it is CAD 54,594
  • 5 persons require CAD 61,920
  • 6 persons need CAD 69,834
  • For 7 persons the figure is CAD 77,750.
  • For each extra person beyond 7 add CAD 7,916
Size of Family Unit New Minimum Gross Income Requirement for 2024 Old Gross Income Requirement for 2023
1 person (your child or grandchild)$29,380$27,514
2 persons$36,576$34,254
3 persons$44,966$42,100
4 persons$54,594$51,128
5 persons$61,920$57,988
6 persons$69,834$65,400
7 persons$77,750$72,814
If you have more than seven people, then add this amount per person$7,916$7,412

Proof of Income

While applying for a super visa the child or grandchild in Canada has to provide the NOA (Notice of Assessment of the latest tax year), T4 slip /T1 form, or the statement of benefits for employment insurance. This can be supported with documents such as employment letters, pay slips, and bank statements.

Canada Super Visa: Eligibility Check

In case you are new to Super Visa schemes please ensure that these basic eligibilities are met:

  • You have a host who is your child or grandchild, who is a Canadian citizen, permanent Resident of Canada, or registered Indian with the necessary documents to prove the case.
  • The host living in Canada must be at least 18 years old.
  • The host meets the income requirement mentioned above.
  • You possess a health insurance policy from a Canadian insurance company or a company outside Canada which is approved by IRCC.


Now you have become familiarized with the Canada Super Visa Channel and the latest income minimum requirements for the program, along with necessary documents to prove the case. So it is time to proceed with your application. Always remember that this visa can only be applied from outside Canada and it should be printed by a visa office outside Canada. Other than this there are certain immigration medical exams and other conditions that need to be met for a successful Super Visa application.

You might find this a bit overwhelming. This is exactly why veterans like Trenity Consultants are here at your service. Our knowledgeable professionals can guarantee a successful application with simplified procedures. Reach out to us for further consultation.


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