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Get Maltese Citizenship in 6 Easy Steps

Malta is a great place to settle – for work, to live, to retire. If you are planning to obtain the Malta Citizenship By Investment Program, then that’s a great choice because it offers everything from a safe and carefree lifestyle to exciting opportunities for growth. You can apply for Malta citizenship with the help of migration consultants In Dubai.


There are a few ways in which you can get Maltese citizenship.


  • Malta citizenship by birth
  • Malta citizenship by naturalization
  • Malta citizenship by registration
  • Malta citizenship by investment
  • Malta citizenship by marriage

Steps to acquire Malta citizenship

Check out the different steps in which you can apply for Maltese citizenship.


As mentioned above there are a number of ways in which you can acquire Malta citizenship. The citizenship by naturalisation is an exclusive path and there are some steps involved in it. The citizenship is granted to highly talented, high net-worth individuals and their families. In order to get the Malta Citizenship By Investment Program, the applicatint must be able to contribute to the economic development of the country.


  1. Power of attorney to the agency

The first step is to provide the agency and a representative agent with a Power of Attorney, and they will then work on your behalf, submitting the documents and completing the application process.


  1. Establishing residency in Malta

The agency will prepare the application documents and then submit the form with due diligence. They will complete the application completely error-free and work to obtain police clearance.  The Community Malta Agency (CMA) performs a Tier 1 due diligence and obtains police clearance. They will perform the same for the applicant’s dependents as well. Once the residency is approved, the applicant will receive a permanent residence card.


  1. Citizenship eligibility

The agency will submit the Citizenship Eligibility application to an agency known as the Community Malta Agency once the residency card is issued. This must be done within 12 months of receiving the residency card, or it will be deemed invalid. The government agency will conduct a Tier 3 and Tier 4 due diligence. And then present the same to them. The agency will inform our agency of the Minister’s decision to see whether the applicant is eligible to apply for Maltese citizenship.


  1. Apply for citizenship

The agency will next present the citizenship application to the CMA, with due diligence and submit the final findings to the Minister. The agency will inform the Minister’s decision on whether the applicant can be granted Maltese citizenship. This is an important step in the Malta Citizenship By Investment Program.


  1. Fulfil investment requirements

In the 5th step, the applicant will fulfil the investment requirement, provided of course, the application is approved and the citizenship is granted.


  1. The Oath of Allegiance

The applicant can visit Malta upon invitation and take the Oath of Allegiance. The applicant will be:

  • Granted Maltese citizenship
  • Get certificate of Naturalisation
  • Obtain Maltese Passport

Our agency will submit an annual compliance form to The Community Malta Agency. They will then do continuous monitoring for five years after the applicant receives the citizenship.

These are six major steps involved in getting your Malta citizenship. Once you decide to move to Malta, Trenity Consultants, the best migration consultants In Dubai can help you through the steps smoothly.

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