How Long Does it Take to Get a Work Permit in Europe

Working in Europe might be your dream. But there are some procedures before that. The prime thing one should have for that is work visa. Firstly, a complete application form is required, it should be printed twice. Two identical photos taken within the last three months, Valid Passport, not older than ten years. Roundtrip flight reservation that indicates the dates and flight numbers of entry and exit from the area of Schengen. Travel medical insurance that is valid in all Schengen countries and taken before picking up the visa A document showing your residing area in the Schengen. An employment contract signed between you and your employer. Proof of qualifications like diplomas, certificate of merit, degree etc… and Languages proficiency. These are the basic requirements. To get a European Visa, Check what Employment Visas are offered by the country you wish to work. Meet the required criteria for European work visa. That is, some countries need you to acquire job before applying for visa. Know all these before applying for the visa. Afterwards, collect all the required documents needed for an employment visa. Schedule a visa interview soon after. Next step is attending the interview with all the required documents. Wait for you visa to get ready.! These steps may seem simple or complicated for you. Whatever it is, we Trenity Consultants are here to help you in resolving all these processes because we are the best Europe work permit consultants in Dubai.

Submit your visa application at the centre that represents the country where you are planning to work. This can be either embassy or consulate or a visa application centre respectively.You can apply for a work visa to Europe at least two months before your trip to the Schengen country where you wish to work. This is because, the European embassies might take six weeks to process an employment visa application. In some cases, it can extend up to 12 weeks. Depending upon the validity of the visa, in most European countries, visas are valid up to one year and the visa holders can apply for a visa extension as soon as it is expired. Most of the details along with the validity of your visa can be seen in the visa sticker affixed in your passport. You might develop doubts regarding the visa application in general or the visa application procedures of the specified European country that you are planning to work. There is a high chance for you to get confused at any stage of visa application regarding the validity of the visa, time taken for the process, doubts regarding the specific European country etc… Mere words may not be accurate for you to acquire the complete information regarding all these procedures. You might think of getting a correct guidance from somewhere or someone at times. Never be sad or get worried if you need help. Contact us,Trenity Consultants for any assistance in any stage of your visa application. We will provide you any details you need and will assist you at any step. Because, we are the best Europe work permit consultants in Dubai and one of the top Europe immigration consultants in Dubai.

Know Everything About Student Visa Requirements for Canada

The importance and standards of education have lot more improved. Students desire to study abroad for affordable good standard education. Canada has become a quality study hub for students across the world. And we are here to make your dreams come true. With us, Trenity ConsultantsCanada student visa experts from UAE, your dream of studying abroad will be fulfilled.

Studying abroad sometimes becomes an unfulfilled dream with no proper guidance and help. The student who aspires to study in Canada needs a Student permit which is provided once you reach Canada. But before that you need Temporary Resident Visa provided by Canadian High Commission with the help of visa application centres. The process does not end here, so to fly high to Canadian shores contact us Trenity Consultants, one of the best Canada student visa from UAE.

To get student visa for Canada:

Eligibility criteria: before applying for Canada student visa, you have to make sure you are eligible to apply. Thus following criteria can evaluate your eligibility:

  1. One should be accepted by a designated learning institute.
  2. One should prove that he or she has adequate funds to pay the tuition fees and living expenses.
  3. One should prove their clean background with no criminal record. They are supposed to produce a police verification certificate to prove the same.
  4. One should get a health checkup and produce a medical certificate to prove your good health.

Once you get the college acceptance letter, you have to begin the visa process for September intake around June. The documents required to apply for Canada Student Visa are:

  1. Valid passport whose validity covers the intended stay in Canada.
  2. You need to have proof of acceptance letter by a Designated Learning Institute, recognized by the immigration department.
  3. You should show proof of funds at the time of application for your study permit. The proof of funds must guarantee enough fund to pay their tuition fees as well as for the living expenses and also for return fair as well.
  4. Two passport sized photographs conforming the given standards are needed. For online application the digital copy of photograph should not exceed 4 MB.
  5. A mandatory immigration medical examination from empanelled doctors is to be done. A complete medical exam, and may be chest X rays and laboratory tests will be performed by the panel physician. Later the results are send to CIC.
  6. When applying for a Canadian study permit, you have to submit statement of purpose which also mentions the reason of choice of the particular institute for studies.
  7. Even though it is not mandatory, appearing for and getting your English language proficiency score before applying for student Cis will be of great help. English language proficiency score has to be submitted for admission in universities of Canada. TOEFL, IELTS, etc are all acceptable for confirmation of your admission.

Don’t let your study abroad dream remain imcompleted. Get to us, Trenity Consultants, the best Canada study visa experts to make your education at much higher level.