Factors That Determine Your Student Visa Eligibility

A student visa is the first thing that springs to mind when considering studying abroad. However, the process of getting one isn’t as simple as it seems. Your eligibility for a student visa is determined by a variety of factors.

It is not just about meeting the criteria; there are several other things to be considered before applying for one. If you wish to study in another country as an international student and get a student visa from there, for instance, if you need an Australian Student visa from UAE you need to be aware of certain things before taking any step forward.

Since there are numerous people who want to study abroad but don’t because of their lack of knowledge about different visa requirements, we have compiled these tips for you:

Check your visa eligibility first

If you are applying for a student visa, it is important to check your visa eligibility first. Your specific situation, together with a few requirements, will determine whether you are eligible for a visa.

Your visa eligibility is determined by your country of origin, your purpose of travel, your current situation, and your financial situation. Depending on these factors, some visas are easier to get than others.

Know the visa terms and conditions

Before you even start thinking about which country you wish to study in, you need to know the visa terms and conditions. If you don’t, you might end up with the wrong visa and not be allowed to study in the country where you want to. Keep in mind that the visa you are applying for will also determine how long you can stay in that country.

For example, if you apply for a student visa and are approved, you will be allowed to stay there for as long as you are taking classes. However, when you finish your course, you will have to leave the country. When you are applying for a student visa, you need to remember that it will only be valid at the consulate or embassy of the country you wish to study in. If you plan to study in more than one country, you need to apply for a multiple-entry visa.

Determine the country where you want to study

The first thing you need to do is determine the country where you want to study. You must conduct research to determine which nations offer the programme you want to enrol in. As you will know, you can study in another country through two different ways: you can go for an in-country exchange program or look for a study abroad program.

If you choose to go for an in-country exchange program, you will be studying in the same city where you currently live. On the other hand, if you opt for a study abroad program, you will have to book a flight and move to the country you wish to study in. If you decide to go for an exchange program, you will have to get in touch with the university where you want to study and ask about the program.

The duration of your course matters

The duration of your course matters a lot when you are applying for a student visa. If you are going for an in-country exchange program, your course should last for at least one academic year.

On the other hand, if you are going for a study abroad program, you will have to study for a minimum period of two semesters. Keep in mind that the length of your course must exceed the duration of your visa.


Students who wish to get their Australian student visa from UAE have many options to consider. You have to be aware of the different visa options available to you as well as the requirements and restrictions associated with each visa type.

Get in touch with your immigration consultants in Abu Dhabi. You may also have to take note of the investment in yourself and your education as it is often an investment in your future as well.

What You Need to Consider for a Canadian Work Visa

A work permit is a legally binding document that enables a foreign national to work while present in Canada. Around 500,000 temporary foreign workers receive work permits from Canada each year from all over the world. Many foreigners looking for jobs choose Canada as their top choice. For those looking to immigrate permanently to Canada, working there is a fantastic first step. There are many Canada Visa Experts in UAE who can help you with applying for a Canadian work visa.

Why should you choose Canada?


For an immigrant investor looking to relocate, Canada is among the most well-known countries. You would be qualified for Canadian citizenship as an investor if you lived there for three of the next five years. Canada is among the safest countries to live in and has some of the top healthcare and educational systems in the world. In addition, a Canadian passport is one of the greatest types of travel identification available. The Canadian Constitution strongly supports religious, racial, and cultural tolerance. With the exception of the ability to vote and hold political office, you can obtain citizenship through this method.

What are the benefits of an open work permit?


Because an employee can choose the employer of his choosing, an open work permit guarantees liberty in the job. Several open work permit criteria are not applicable in Canada. Applying for an open work permit in Canada is not contingent upon having a job offer. A valid work visa also qualifies for an LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment).

Who can apply for a Canadian open work permit?

  • For a person to be qualified for an open work visa in Canada, the following requirements must be fulfilled:
  • Any foreign student who has just received their diploma from an institution recognized by Canada is eligible for the programme for the post-graduation work visa.
  • Any person who has applied for a residence permit is automatically qualified for the Canadian Immigration Program.
  • If the person applying for permanent residency in Canada has any family connections.
  • If a person is an overseas student’s spouse or legal partner.
  • If someone has a temporary residency card from Canada
  • If you’re taking a working vacation in Canada.
  • Students who are unable to cover their tuition bills while studying in Canada.
  • And many more.

How can one apply for a Canadian Open work permit?


You could enroll in the programs from within Canada or even from outside if you met any of the requirements for the open work permit. Your place of birth will have a significant impact on the paperwork and documents you must submit as well as the registration process. The procedure would involve submitting a special form and the open work permit holder’s cost in these two situations, i.e., being outside or inside Canada. You will also be charged a fee at the same time as your application for a work permit is processed. There are many Canada Visa Experts in UAE who can help you with the whole process.

There are many Migration Consultants in Dubai such as Trenity Consultants who can help you with application of the process for a Canadian work permit and other procedures. We have many influences with the regulatory authorities and can speed up the process of you getting a work permit easily. We provide 100% privacy and confidentiality at all times while providing you with customized packages at an affordable price.

Call us now to know more.

New Pathway to Permanent Residence For Dependents of The Air Disaster Victims

On August 3rd 2022, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has opened a new pathway to permanent residence for dependents of the air disaster victims Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 (ET302) and Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 (PS752). It will be given to those family members who want to come to Canada to take care of any dependents of their spouse, parents or partners. IRCC’s initial public policy which was put forward for those temporarily in Canada is followed in this new pathway too.

In order to apply to this the members of the family should have close relation with surviving dependants staying in Canada. The member who is in Canada should also provide statutory declaration confirming the identity of the extended member. Members who are outside Canada and belonging to the extended family and are eligible can apply for getting permanent residence. You have to note that only 2 members from a family unit is eligible to apply for it. The victim of air disaster should also have been Canadian citizen, permanent resident of Canada or foreign national who had been approved for permanent residence.

Before applying applicants should go through the application process carefully and have an understanding about the instructions to ensure that they are eligible. This pathway is applicable from August 3, 2022, until August 2, 2023.

Skilled & Business Migration – 2022-2023

State’s Skilled & Business Migration for 2022-2023 is to be opened soon. The Australian Government Department of Home Affairs has given South Australia interim allocation regarding the nomination places.

Below are the South Australia’s interim allocations

  • 5880 places for General Skilled Migration Program
  • 70 places for Business Innovation and Investment Program

General Skilled Migration (GSM) Program

From 25th August 2022 General Skilled Migration Program will be opened to more than 500 occupations. It aims to overcome the skill shortages faced in South Australia.

Onshore Applicants – Onshore applicants who belong to the below category can apply for the program if they are found to be eligible.

  • Those who are Long Term Residents
  • Staying at Outer Regional South Australia
  • Employed and working in South Australia
  • Graduates who are South Australian

Offshore applicant – Offshore skilled migrants who have given an Expression of Interest (EOI) using the Department of Home Affairs’ SkillSelect database will be selected to increase nominations and to speed up the entry of applicants. In order to meet the labor shortages immediately the offshore applicants are also exempted from lodging a Registration of Interest (RoI) this program year. The program is applicable for 470 occupations and applicants should also select Australia as the first preferred State or Territory and should make sure their SkillSelect EOI is up to date.

*Processing time is not yet informed but those staying in South Australia with an imminent Subclass 485 visa expiry can apply for priority processing.

Business Innovation and Investment Program

Business Innovation and Investment Program (BIIP) for South Australia has only received limited nomination. The nomination requisites have not yet been announced and Skilled & Business Migration is working on it.

Who Can Apply For Turkish Citizenship by Investment?

Are you an admirer of the rich architecture of turkey or the one to broaden their opportunities to greater land like Turkey, and hoping if you could live there every day? And then, here is your chance to grab. Turkish citizenship enabled you to permanently by the citizenship by investment program. We often get queries about the program and as one of the best immigration consultants, we are obliged to help our clients to know more about turkey citizenship by investment program in UAE.

What is turkey citizenship by investment?

Turkey has opened her gates for people who wants to be part of the nation with Turkish citizenship by investment program in UAE often referred as turkey golden visa which was launched in 2016. It is admire also because that the foreign investors can obtain the Turkish passport in very short time as within 3 to 6 months. It attracts foreign direct investment designed in order to enhance the real estate sector of the country. With the help of foreign investors in Turkey, it could help the country to develop its economy, allowing the applicants to enjoy appreciable benefits. And in accordance to the program, the minimum investment option is to purchase real estate worth at least $250,000 and also offer other options including opportunity to invest in the government bonds or creating job opportunities for Turkish citizens by establishing an enterprise. And further, the investors will also be a Turkish citizen and procure the prospects of the profitable investments, business developments, purchase of liquid real estate and other opportunities like to enjoy E-1 business visa in the united states.

Who can get Turkish citizenship by investment?

Turkish citizenship by investment program in UAE can be made use by UAE citizens or any foreigner other than citizens of Armenia, cuba, Nigeria, north korea and Syria. Investors who aim to gain Turkish citizenship by investment must not be violated by Turkish immigration laws and has to complete the conditions of the program. The people other than the investor who get Turkish citizenship by investment program in UAE are the spouse and children under 18 years of age of the investor. Spouse’s parents and investor’s adult children can also get residence permits in turkey by paying $5000 per person. But the parents and children who are independent cannot benefit from the program and have to individually participate in the program.

Other conditions based on the investment:

Purchase of real estate worth $400,000

The most popular and fastest option to gain turkish citizenship by investment. It offers a wide range of option, like property including apartments, homes, commercial or industrial premises and land worth $400,000. The other benefit is that you do not have to reach the limit buying single property and can enjoy dividing the money into number of apartments or assets worth $400,000, but ensure that transactions do not elapse more than 2 months.

A deposit in a bank of $500,000 or more

The other interesting option is to deposit money in any currency that is accepted by the Turkish bank.

Purchase of national securities from $500,000

You can buy government bonds, and bills and you can also opt in the form of shares of investment funds dealing with the real estate or venture capital investments.

10 Must Know Things About Citizenship by Investment in Grenada

Immigration and procuring dual citizenship have become more popular nowadays. And the Grenadian citizenship by investment tops the lots. But somewhat even though it is quite common among investors, it involves strict procedures to ensure the safe environment of the island. As being one of the best migration consultants in Dubai, trinity consultants we find more clients coming to us to enquire about the Grenadian citizenship by investment. Hence, let us simplify the process and requirements of the citizenship by investment in Grenada program.

What is Grenadian citizenship by investment?

CBI allows people of good character and their family members to gain citizenship by being part or participating in the country’s growth with your investment. Qualified members are allowed to seek Grenadian citizenship, a second passport, and make the magical beauty of nature your home. Grenadian citizenship also enabled you to travel to more than 140 countries without a visa.

Real estate investment or government donation etc. are accepted as investments to get and be part of the citizenship by investment in Grenada.

Investment requirements to participate in the citizenship by investment in Grenada program:

To get approved to participate in the CBI program the applicant must be at least 18 years old with a good character and good health. The applicant should not have a criminal history and hence, will undergo a thorough background investigation. You are supposed to provide the evidence of the fund’s origin to make sure that you provide the legal finds.

Documents required:

  • Client Facilitator Agreement
  • Personal information
  • Biometrics – Fingerprints (only if a person older than 16)
  • Particulars for the Office of Home Affairs
  • Medical (needs to be filled in by a registered medical practitioner no longer than six months before the application submission date. In addition, HIV tests also must be conducted no longer than three months before the application submission date.)
  • A proof of employment and source of funds
  • Document confirming your investment
  • Consent form from Thomson Reuters (applicants above the age of 16)
  • In the case of a real estate option, purchase and sale documents in four copies. If opting for the NTF, escrow agreement and letter of engagement with a local agent
  • Form for applying for a passport
  • Oath of allegiance (required for each family member 18 years and older)
  • Sworn affidavit confirming the identities of the parents
  • Original or authorized copy of the birth certificate or an excerpt from the whole birth record (Two copies).
  • If applicable, a certified copy of the evidence of name change
  • Certified color copy of current passport(s) with name, photo, citizenship/nationality, date and place of issue, expiration date, passport number and issuing country
  • Each applicant must submit 12 original passport-sized images taken within the last six months One photo must be approved by a lawyer on the back, with the lawyer’s signature and the words “I certify the true likeness of [applicant’s name].”
  • Certificate of marriage or divorce (Two copies)
  • Color copies of national identification cards and social security cards (required for each applicant)
  • A permanent resident ID is required
  • A copy of your military identification card (if applicable)
  • Affidavit to children from a current or ex-spouse
  • Aid affidavit for dependents
  • Certificates and transcripts of education

Tax implications for Grenada citizenship by investment program:

With Grenadian citizenship you enjoy low tax rates and no capital gains, inheritance taxes, income tax. Or wealth taxes on worldwide income on properties. You can also gain privileges with no restriction on imported capital or repatriation of profits and cooperate tax exemption, full exemption from import duties, tax relief benefits and export allowance.

Fast application process:

Grenadian CBI program offers the quickest application process and will be approved within 120 days when you invest in real estate on the island.

No residency required:

You can get dual citizenship without residing in the country. And hence this will consume your years in country to gain citizenship, while also able to enjoy the merits of being a citizen.

Dual citizenship is recognized:

In some scenarios, having a dual citizenship is a bonus point to expand your opportunities. And hence Grenadian citizenship with no much effort will help you get the privileged of having a dual citizenship. And the additional benefit is that your homeland will not be known about your new nationality and hence secured with high privacy.

Additional family member citizenship option

Grenada CBI program benefits the cost effective full family dual citizenship. The additional family citizenship not only allows your spouse and kids, but also you unmarried siblings with no kids, your parents can also be part of the program. It also provides access and even grants to top schools and universities for the applicants’ children and young adults.

Validity of Grenadian passport

Grenadian passport can be enjoys majorly with a 5 years validity, but can be further extended indefinitely after that period.

Cost of living in Grenada

The most popular advantage of being a Grenada citizen is that you enjoy a relatively low cost of living. Compared to other Caribbean countries, Grenada is cheaper with top quality healthcare, cheaper public transportation etc.

To how many countries does Grenada passport grant visa free travel?

Grenada passport is honoured as the 35th strongest passport in the world due to its advantages. It allows visa free travel to 143 countries including china and UK.

Know More About Reformation on Canada Express Entry Program

People are flowing into Canada for their higher studies or a better job. And Canada express entry program is what they depend on for fastest and popular way to get a permanent residence. As one of the best Canada immigration consultants in Dubai, we feel responsible to make you aware about the Canada express entry program and its reformations. Read further to plan your Canada immigration better.

Everything about Canada express entry program

Canada express entry program is an online system to receive and process applications to acquire Canadian permanent residence status for skilled workers used by Canadian government. The federal economic programs managed by the system includes Federal Skilled Workers (FSW), Federal Skilled Trades (FST) and Canadian Experience Class (CEC).

Canadian express entry program application requirements

You need to submit documents with your language test results with a 7 in either English or French, educational assessment report, a passport or travel document. Once you have submitted the above documents, you will receive an invitation to apply for Canadian permanent resident which will then ask you to provide reference letters, additional identity documents, police clearance certificates, and results of a medical examination.

Reformations coming in the Canada express entry program

With all these documents submission, there are new changes about to happen in express entry program with some reformations. There will be a new Canada immigration pathway to boost the immigration program for international students and temporary workers in Canada.

Ando also, now the immigration applications are issued based on their CRS scores through ITA. While the reformations in Canada express entry program will enable the immigration minister to prioritize occupations that are in demand and other immigration policy goals and then make groups of applications based on them.

Eligibility for express entry program

People who hope to immigrate to Canada must have either any university or college degrees, or skilled work experience and moderate proficiency in English or French. The individual should also meet the requirements of any one of the above mention federal programs, which again are, Federal Skilled Worker (FSW), Federal Skilled Trades (FST), Canadian Express Class (CEC).

Total expense for express entry program

The total expense or cost to immigrate to Canada through express entry program for an individual or a couple will be around $2,300 CAD and $4500 CAD respectively, which includes the language tests cost, educational credential assessment cost, biometrics, government fees, medical examination fees, and police clearance certificate cost which can vary from country to country.

The period taken for express entry program

The process of express entry can take minimum of 6 months from express entry profile submission to issuance of permanent resident visa. Your profile remains valid for 12 months and if it crosses it, you can resubmit your profile.

Criterial for express entry points calculation.

It is the comprehensive ranking system or CRS Scores which is calculated on the basis of age, level of education, proficiency in French or English, foreign or Canadian work experience, spouse factors and connection to Canada.

If your CRS points are low, you can improve it by retaking IELTS, having work experience, spouse points etc.

For further details or queries you can directly contact trinity consultants, the best Canada immigration consultants in Dubai, renowned for Canada visa experts in UAE.

Citizenship by Investment in Grenada: Reasons Why Investors are Choosing Grenada

When it comes to get a second citizenship, the most popular choice has become Grenada. This has been widely encouraged due to the citizenship by investment programs. With appreciable benefits that includes tax exemptions, visa-free travel and the methods of gaining citizenship which assures security to family members and future generations has made citizenship by investment in Grenada more interesting. As one of the best immigration consultants in Dubai, trinity consultants has witnessed the interest of people who seek citizenship in Grenada.

Why do investors choose Grenada?

Explore Grenada’s grandeur

Everybody hopes to seek a second citizenship to start living a different variety of life, and nowadays Grenada has procured its popularity. The tropical beaches, favourable climate and vacation resorts enlightens the love for Grenada. Its high production of aromatic spices and organic chocolates made it to be nicknamed as ‘ spice isle’. It contributes prominent part into the nutmeg production of the world, to contribute 30% of its total export per annum. Visitors in the most part enjoy the expedition of the intricate chocolates and spice production, throughout the wildness of plantation tour organized every year.

Residency by investment in Grenada

Grenadian citizenship can be sought as simple as with an investment. It is done through citizenship by investment programs carried out by purchasing government approved real estate on the island. It provides freedom of choice with extensive homes, apartments, and villas. This is seen to profitable investment via ensuring return on investment assured by strong tourism in the region. Investors also have the option to resell the property after 5 years, by which citizenship will be granted.

What attracts investors to Grenada?

The island offers greater opportunities in tourism industry and food exportation. The country’s stable economy values the investment put in. Grenadian citizenship allows seamless expansion opportunities with visa free access to China offered by Grenadian passport. The other additional benefit is that is not mandatory for investors to stay in Grenada before or after the citizenship is granted and thereby is not burdened with any income tax.

With E-2 visa you can work in United States

The E-2 investor visa sought by investing through the citizenship by investor program in Grenada grants permits to set up business in United States. The visa application for spouses are also more flexible with visa other than work visa like H-1B visa and also for children under 21 years of age can accompany you in the United States. All the paper works related to enjoy a secured investment and thereby citizenship will be guided with acknowledged experience of Trenity Consultants, as we are one of the best immigration consultants in Dubai.

Grenadian citizenship is granted with passport legacy

To acquire alternate residence and citizenship through investment services are mostly delivered by passport legacy which is a renowned Dubai based Swiss firm. The best immigration consultants is here to acknowledge your every concern to procure a second citizenship.

Grenada is place of attraction who wants to resettle in a different country and struggle hard with the paper words, and tangled laws. Dreams of being a citizen of your dream island is enjoyed and ensured with our extensive experience in immigration field. Follow for more immigration information that are reliable.

3 Major Misconceptions About Guaranteed Permanent Residency

Resettling to another place with new experiences, new people and new culture is always exciting. But it is not that simple as it seems to be. It takes planning, calculating, cost of living, finding a new place and beyond these all the hustle of the paper works, when you want to settle in an entirely different country. So seeking help and guidance from the best immigration consultants in Dubai, as ours, Trenity Consultants can make it easier. We guide you all through the to-do-lists and also the not-to-do-lists to build your home in your dream land.

What to Know?

Before taking the first step to migrate, make sure you do some reliable research about the procedures to migrate, documents to produce, a good migration consultant, laws of the country, lifestyle, laws applied on immigrants, acknowledge the rights you will be offered as an immigrant, cost of living and many more. At Trenity Consultants, we are known to be the best immigration consultants in Dubai, as our team offers a clear understanding about everything you need to know about the country you are planning to move into.

Bane of Rumours

We are often forced to tackle with major misconceptions about the procedures of immigration at our office at Trenity Consultants, immigration consultants in Dubai. People come to us with their own notions of misconceptions relying heavily on the information given by their friends and family, which they themselves have sought, and thus been mislead.

Most probably, these misleading comes from rumours, about the long past immigrants when the laws were completely different from those of now. Most of the immigration laws keep changing according to political, economic, social scenarios of the country.

So being updated about the latest immigration laws is crucial for simpler route to your dream country. This becomes easier when you connect with best immigration consultants, as they will always keep themselves updated and enriched about the changes in different countries.

3 major misconceptions over the procedures of immigration:

Yes, to be aware about the procedures and requirements about immigration to any country is important. But not falling to pits of rumours about the false immigration procedures and standards of the country is much crucial. Believing the misconceptions can take away your opportunity from safely reaching the country and to build a home at the place you dreamt to.

Let us tackle some of the misunderstanding about the immigration procedures.

1. Permanent residency and citizenship is NOT the same thing

People often think citizenship in a country and having permanent residency is the same thing. Even though permanent residency can lead to citizenship, both has its differences.

A person’s visa status allowing him to reside in the country permanently is referred to by the permanent residency. He or she is allowed to work, travel in and out of the country, but is not benefitted with rights of citizen to vote. Whereas, citizenship offers every right like a native, and the person also enjoys the right to vote.

2. Knowing someone in the embassy cannot ease the procedures

All visa applications are processed in the order they have been applied. Priority dates are announced every month to show the applications that would be currently processed. So you have to wait for your turn.

3. A vistor’s visa does not allow you to work in the country legally

To work in a different country, you need to have authorised employment with a worker’s visa. While, a vistor’s visa allows you only a limited period for business purposes or vacation

Let us trace the right roads to your dream country, and Trenity Consultants, the best migration consultants in Dubai are here to make it happen.

Provincial Nominal Programs (PNP) Results – May 2022 Canada

Provincial Nominal Programs (PNP) under the federal, provincial and territorial governments in May 2022 has sent more than 1400 invitations to candidates. In order to meet the labor requirements and for meeting the economic development goals the PNP provides the Canadian provinces and territories a chance to make their own immigration programs. PNP came into being in 1998 and today it is a major contributor to the share of economic immigration in many Canadian provinces. It motivates immigration to provinces and territories where there is a shortage of labor and is less populated. Analyzing the trend it is predicated that from PNPs alone more than 93,000 per year immigrants will become permanent citizens in different Canadian territories and provinces.



Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP) draw results was announced in May with the province inviting 100 applicants for PNP in May 19 under the Alberta Express Entry stream. Candidates required a CRS score of minimum 382.

British Columbia


Weekly draws are carried out by British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) and the candidates who had the highest scores were invited for the program under the Express Entry British Columbia, Skills Immigration, the Tech, and Entrepreneur Regional Pilot streams. More than 636 candidates were invited for the program in May. Specials draws for high priority occupation are also conducted.



Skilled Workers in Manitoba, Skilled Workers Overseas, and International Education Stream are the streams through which applications are invited to Manitoba .In the draw held in the month of May, 48 candidates who had valid Express Entry profile received invitation.

Draws of Expression of Interest (EOI) for candidates meeting the MPNP eligibility and those who are affected by the condition in Ukraine are conducted and 13 invitations were sent on the draw held in May 20.



On May 5, Entrepreneur Expression of Interest Saskatchewan announced the result of the draw. 54 candidates received invitation through the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) draw held. On the same day 106 candidates were invited through Express Entry  and 91 invitations were sent to candidates of Occupations In-Demand.  On May 5 a separate draw in light of the Ukraine issue was held and one candidate received the invitation.



Under the Quebec Regular Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) the  Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Intégration (MIFI) for a permanent selection sent invitation to 30 candidates.  Immigration programs in Quebec are not the same as other places in Canada. To get invitation candidates should have Arrima Expression of Interest system profile and also job offer which is which legal and valid in a place outside of the Montreal Metropolitan area.

Prince Edward Island

Conducted only one time in a month the Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program (PEI PNP) draws are prescheduled.  May 20 draw invited a total of 137 candidates through  Labour Impact and Express Entry streams and from Business Impact stream 16 candidates .

New Brunswick

With the rising demands from foreign workers and students, New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP) has temporarily stopped the New Brunswick Express Entry stream.  This has been done so that immigration to particular sectors like qualified International Nurses are not affected.  It is applicable to the Express Entry System and is effective from May 20.  

New Brunswick Skilled Worker stream, the Atlantic Immigration Program, and the Federal Temporary Foreign Worker Program are the alternatives for hiring foreign workforce.