Canada Immigration News December

Immigration has become critical to Canada’s economy. Newcomers have helped in building Canada in a significant way. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is taking firm action to strengthen Canada’s immigration by reducing its waiting times and improving its services for everyone’s betterment.


Record year for processing


Nearly 500,000 fewer applications have been added to the IRCC’s overall database since August. Furthermore, the department has been raising the bar for processing. Nearly twice as many applications—4.8 million—as opposed to 2.5 million—had been handled by the end of November 2022 by the IRCC.


The IRCC has digitized applications, recruited and trained new staff, streamlined procedures, and tapped into automation technology to boost processing efficiency while safeguarding Canadians’ safety and security. This has helped to strengthen our immigration system. The department continues to make progress in processing, resulting in decreased wait times for our clients and is on target to fulfill its objective of processing 80% of new applications within service standards for the majority of programs.


Temporary residence – to bring in more visitors, students, and labors to Canada


Canada is on track to break its own record for the processing of study permits this year. IRCC has processed more than 670,000 study permits as of November 30 this year, as opposed to more than 500,000 at the same time the previous year. As a result of these initiatives, the majority of new study permits are now handled within the required 60 days.


With approximately 700,000 work permits processed by November 30 compared to almost 223,000 in the same period in 2019, before the epidemic, there were also significant advances in the processing of work permits.


To accommodate the rising demand for visitor visas to Canada, IRCC continues to cut back on backlogs and process visas more swiftly. Canada now processes more tourist visa applications each month than it did before the outbreak. More than 260,000 visitor permits were processed in November alone. In contrast, there were roughly 180,000 applications each month on average in 2019.


The Canadian government will continue to give monthly updates on its efforts to reduce backlogs, as well as on the measures it is taking to enhance client satisfaction, reunite families, and solve the workforce shortage in the country. We are committed to creating an immigration system that benefits immigrants, tourists, our industries, and all Canadians even though we are aware that there is still much to be done.

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