United States Residence by Investment

US Visa Consultants in Kuwait



North America


Washington DC


9,833,520 sq. kms in area


United States Dollar





Above 21 years


No, education is not required


Proof of funds is required


No serious medical conditions


No language test required



US - EB5, introduced in 1990


Visa free travel to 155 Countries


EUR €1 = USD $1.21


18.57 Trillion USD (2016)


Yes, tax is applicable


Green Card by Investment

EB5 Programme

Introduced in 1990 to strengthen US economy by creating jobs through investment of foreigners. This plan is exclusively for higher net-worth investors.

Processing Time

Entry to United States within 24 months.

Regional Center benefits

Day to day management is not required.The 10 jobs created can be direct or indirect. The investor can live anywhere in US.

Permanent Green Card

After the term of 2 years of conditional green card.

Green Card By Investment
Plan Details

*For more information on government rules and other details, please Contact us for more details;

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Investment Details

Investment in approved regional center

USD $900,000
Locking period of five years

*Administrative and government charges additional

Top US Visa Consultants in Kuwait

We can help you realise your dreams if you’re trying to advance your professional career or obtain a student visa in the USA, one of the world’s most developed countries. The opportunities for a competent and employable workforce are numerous in the United States. There are numerous options for individuals to pursue further education at prestigious institutions while also developing globally.

We conduct the best research available worldwide to enable you to take advantage of immigration chances based on a study visa. There are numerous immigration opportunities, such as the spouse visa, visiting visa, skilled immigration for the US, and skilled immigration that ultimately results in the Green card. The most effective and flexible US visa advisor in Kuwait is Trenity Consulting Services, which offers the most trustworthy visa grants to the US.

USA Student Visa

The USA has some top universities from all over the world. Application for the US study permit requires taking into consideration of many important factors. There is a need to apply for the US Study permit with the following requirements:

  • Acceptance letter from the US university/study center
  • Financial support proof with sufficient funds for study course fee and living expenditures
  • Previous academic qualifications and English language test results
  • Sponsorship or parent intent (in case of sponsorship)
  • The intent for leaving the US upon course completion

Trenity Consulting Services work as the highest quality Student Visa US Visa consultants in Kuwait and other parts of the kuwait. We prepare the documentation for submission of the files and even prepare them for the interview. You can call us to get the free assessment done for calculating the US Student Visa Score instantly.

We guide for visa process and guide our clients from Kuwait or any other part of the GCC to move ahead towards their dream of obtaining the US immigration visa through the leading US Visa consultants in Kuwait. Our experts deal in all types of US immigration visas, including:

Employment-based immigration USA

The term “US employment-based immigration” refers to team member transfers within multinational corporations (MNCs) from one nation to another. A job offer letter, Kuwaiti documents, and a US immigration application are needed. The correct employment-based immigration application is submitted by Trenity professionals, who also help you get ready for the interview.

E1 Priority Workers Immigration USA

This category of visas is primarily intended for exceptional individuals. Those with the best skills in the world are eligible to apply for this category of visa. Experts at Trenity can evaluate your profile, determine the best course of action, and determine whether the priority worker visa is appropriate for your situation.

E2 Exceptional Skills Immigration USA

The E1 visa is not the same as this sort of visa. For this visa, the applicants would need a job letter from an authorised business organisation in the USA. The offer letter can be obtained prior to the purchase through online interviews or testing methods. You can get the right E2 class immigration application with the assistance of Trenity Consultants to get results quickly.

E3 General Immigration USA

Both skilled and unskilled employees in the US who want to fill the labour shortage may apply for this visa category. Furthermore, the prospective US employer who wishes to hire them on a permanent basis must have their petition accepted.

Family Immigration USA

The best option for family immigration to the US is Trenity Consultants in Kuwait. We also work with US Spouse visa types. Get in touch with us right now to learn how quickly and effectively your Kuwaiti US visa advisors can help you obtain the necessary US immigration.

USA EB-5 Immigrant Investment Program

This programme is intended for business investors who want to expand their company in the US. This plan is your best choice if you’re an entrepreneur who wants to move to the US with your family. With the ability to contribute your best efforts in the US with your business talents, you can immigrate with your family using this investment programme visa. In the US, the minimum capital investment need is $1 million in metropolitan areas and $500,000 in rural or highly unemployed areas.

Trenity consultants are in charge of staying up to date on any adjustments made to the US visa categories. We are the top US visa advisor in Kuwait, and by assisting applicants with their applications and providing them with the necessary information, we have successfully migrated US aspirants.

USA Sponsorship Programs

Depending on the type of sponsorship visa you have applied for from Kuwait, the United States has programmes that can assist you in obtaining Green card status. Your family members or close relatives who are US citizens can provide the sponsorship. Citizens of Kuwait from any region may sponsor their spouse, parents, or unmarried children (under the age of 21). Contact us to learn more about the sponsorship programme in the US so you can easily visit your loved ones there.

US Visitor Visa

There are visiting visas B1 and B2 available to tourists for various purposes if you intend to go temporarily to the US. Our professionals, who serve as US visa advisors in Kuwait, can provide you with the best guidance for your visiting visa.