United States Residence by Investment

US Visa Consultants in Oman



North America


Washington DC


9,833,520 sq. kms in area


United States Dollar





Above 21 years


No, education is not required


Proof of funds is required


No serious medical conditions


No language test required



US - EB5, introduced in 1990


Visa free travel to 155 Countries


EUR €1 = USD $1.21


18.57 Trillion USD (2016)


Yes, tax is applicable


Green Card by Investment

EB5 Programme

Introduced in 1990 to strengthen US economy by creating jobs through investment of foreigners. This plan is exclusively for higher net-worth investors.

Processing Time

Entry to United States within 24 months.

Regional Center benefits

Day to day management is not required.The 10 jobs created can be direct or indirect. The investor can live anywhere in US.

Permanent Green Card

After the term of 2 years of conditional green card.

Green Card By Investment
Plan Details

*For more information on government rules and other details, please Contact us for more details;

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Investment Details

Investment in approved regional center

USD $900,000
Locking period of five years

*Administrative and government charges additional

Top US Visa Consultants in Oman

The United States of America has the highest immigrant population in the world. It is the ideal location for company owners and investors because it is an economic powerhouse. However, the immigration system in the United States is arguably the most complex in the world. Unlike many other western countries, the United States does not use points to determine who can immigrate there. Instead, eligibility for immigration to the United States is determined by how well a person fits into one of a number of pre-established visa categories, most of which are related to job, investment, or family. Our emphasis is on assisting firms, business owners, entrepreneurs, and investors within the U.S. immigration system. Our international team in Oman and the US offers comprehensive concierge services to assist our clients in navigating the convoluted world of US immigration. US immigration programs cover the primary applicant, his or her spouse, and any children under the age of 20. Trenity Consulting are the most versatile and best immigration consultants in Oman to provide the most reliable visa to the US much more effectively.
USA Student Visa
The USA has some of the best universities in the world. There are many factors that must be taken into consideration when you are applying for US study permit. Some of them are:
  • Acceptance letter from the US university/study center
  • Proof of financial support with enough funds for fees of the course and living expenses
  • Prior academic qualifications and English language test results
  • Sponsorship or parent intent
  • The intention to leave the US upon completion of the course
Trenity consulting services offers you the best US visa immigration services in Oman. We prepare all the necessary papers for submission and even prepare you for the interview. Call us for a free assessment to calculate your US Student Visa Score instantly. We will help you through all the visa procedures and guide our clients from Oman to achieve their dream of getting a US immigration visa.
Our experts handle all types of US immigration visas such as:
USA Employment-based immigration
refers to the intra-company transfers that happen in corporate offices where employees are transferred from one nation to another. It requires a job offer letter, documents from Oman, and an application for US immigration.
E1 priority workers immigration USA
is basically for the extraordinary mind who have the ability to lead. Trenity consultants can evaluate your profile and help you find the right path and check if your priority worker visa suits your profile.
E2 Exceptional Skills Immigration USA
you will need a job letter from the company recruiting you to the US through this visa. You can get the offer letter through online interviews or testing systems before the acquisition. We can assist you to get the necessary E2 class immigration application for positive results.
E3 General Immigration USA
open for both skilled and unskilled workers in the US who want to fill the labor space. It also needs an approved petition by the US company who are hiring them as permanent employees.
Family Immigration USA
we not only deal with Fiancé visas but also US Spouse visa categories too.
USA EB-5 Immigrant Investment Program
is for business investors looking forward to expanding their business in the US. If you are an entrepreneur who wants to relocate to the US with family, this is an excellent choice for you. Migrate with your family with this investment program. You would need a capital investment of at least $1 million in the US urban areas and $500,000 in the rural or highly unemployed areas.
USA Sponsorship Programs
we can assist you to get GreenCard Status based on the type you have applied for from Oman. You can get it from family members or immediate relatives who are US citizens. The US citizens can sponsor their families such as spouses, parents, or unmarried children (below age 21) from any part of Oman.
US Visitor Visa
if you want to visit the US temporarily, you need to apply for Visitor Visas B1 and B2 which varies as per purpose. Get the best advices from professional experts of Trenity consultants who are the best immigration consultants in Oman.