Move Overseas with Minimal Stress on Your Budget

Planning to move overseas for good? Or is it just for work purposes and you intend to come back later? Whatever the reason is you need to plan your finances before you plan the move. This would make you stay abroad stress-free and relaxed. You never know you might need extra money, so while planning your budget, it is important to consider healthcare insurance and emergency funds too. Seek the professional assistance of the best Immigration consultants In Dubai to start the relocation process. Hiring the right people for this can help you in so many ways, including speeding up the application for the visa, getting the documents ready for it, the ticket booking process and a lot more.

Check out these tips as well

Planning is the key

If you are planning to move abroad, then plan well ahead because there might be minor setbacks along the way, and you can clear them all before you move ahead. Planning ahead with the best Immigration consultants In Dubai helps you remove or address those setbacks without them affecting the original move date. Planning ahead will definitely help you get the best deals in transportation because you can always book for days when the rates are cheaper.

Other ways in which you can put minimal strain on your finances would be as follows:

Choosing shipping instead of air freight

There are mainly two ways in which you can transport your goods: air freight and ocean freight. The latter is cheaper, but the only problem is that they take more time to reach, perhaps a month or so after you actually reach the destination. However, if you are on a tight deadline, the only option is the air freight to ship your goods. Your migration consultants In Dubai can help you choose the most economical option for you.

Consider all the goods that you want shipped because shipping only minimal goods will definitely be less expensive. You can even hold a garage sale to sell the items you don’t want to hold on to, and that would be really a good way to earn some money too. Less clutter, the better.

Choosing the right neighbourhood

It is very important that you choose the right neighbourhood to stay in because your happiness depends on it. Naturally, some neighbourhoods are more expensive than others, so it would be good to seek the services of migration consultants In Dubai because you will definitely get something suitable for your budget.

Plan your finances carefully

You will need to open a bank account, and transfer your funds there so you can start using your money when you reach your destination. If your branch in your country has branches in the new country, then it would be a great thing because you will not be cut off from your money. To help you with the finances and other details attached to it, you need to get in touch with the best Immigration Consultants In Dubai.

Hiring relocation services is actually much cheaper

There are a lot of intricate details involved in the moving process that handling it all by yourself can be really taxing and time consuming. For example, you need to get a visa before you book the tickets for the move. You need to know the rules of the country regarding the different kinds of visas and work permits. The paperwork for each of the visas will have to be accurately filled, signed and sent. There will be rules for spouse and children visas as well.

And using shared containers when you are shipping your goods will be a great way to save money, especially when you are flexible with the delivery date of your goods. The relocation company arranges for shared containers so you don’t have to bear the expense of a dedicated container. The shipping companies do offer shared containers, but it would be more useful with the relation services.

Try these tips and you can definitely save money when you relocate. Consult the Best Immigration Consultants In Dubai to know more.

5 Things You Need to Know Before Investing in Malta

Malta is one of the most favoured destinations in Europe, with its booming economy, brilliant landscape, multilingual, buoyant and educated workforce and thriving business environment. The country is doing really well thanks to a favourable business environment, excellent real estate conditions, an impressionable tourism sector and steady programs and incentives offering growth. Read on further to understand more about the Malta Citizenship By Investment program.

Malta is a member of the European Union, and is the only citizenship by investment country in the area. Additionally, a Maltese passport is one of the strongest in the world, and if you have a passport, you can enjoy a ratified Maltese CBI program, including the perk of living in close proximity to a country that is in Europe. The old citizenship program has been annulled permanently.

What is the Malta Citizenship By Investment program?

The new program aims to provide citizenship to people who are willing to make a contribution to the country’s economic development. There is a minimum amount that you must be willing to invest in the country in order to be eligible for the program. The citizenship program is limited to 400 successful applicants every year, and the government will cap the program after 1500 applications are successfully granted. Your migration consultants In Dubai can help you prepare your visa and travel documents, and arrange for your travel to Malta, including guidance for investment if you are interested.

Through the citizenship program, you and your family can travel to over 180 countries including USA, without applying for a visa, gain residence in Malta and EU, enjoy lower taxes and get optimised treatment while applying for your kids’ education.

So if you have sufficient funds, would like to move to a new country, and start business there, Malta is a good place to start. By offering CBI programs, the nation aims to diversify their income, especially since most of the Caribbean countries depend on tourism for their income. You can seek the help of migration consultants in Dubai if you want professional assistance in preparing the correct documentation and arranging the complete documents for the relocation program.

The meaning of citizenship by investment

Through citizenship, the state and its citizens enjoy freedom of movement, peace and prosperity. The citizen has to abide by the rules of the state and the nation protects their right to own property, work, etc. Actually, with the coming of the internet, and the perks associated with it, several nations have tightened their passports to regulate entry and exit.

Why choose Malta?

Malta is a great country and it treats its applicants well. If you are looking for a second passport, Malta Citizenship By Investment Program is a good option to consider, because there are plenty of ways to invest your money. If you are looking to start afresh in a new country, and would like to start a business, a company or purchase government approved stocks, invest in real estate, Malta offers all.

Malta is a beautiful country, with a developed culture and lovely scenery. There are links to other countries like Rome, Greece, Britain and France. The nation also provides free universal healthcare for all, including childcare. So go ahead, and try Malta.

Australian Visas in 2023: Incentives for Overseas Students and Streamlined Permanent Residency for Qualified Immigrants

Australia’s permanent migration program will allow for the entry of thousands more people in 2023, and efforts to close the country’s crucial skills shortage will also encourage international students to extend their stay.

Future migration to Australia:

In order to guarantee that it better addresses current economic issues and lays out a clear course for the ensuing decades, the Labor government has also promised a thorough review of the migration system.


The Grattan Institute, a public policy think tank, stated in its contribution to the federal government’s assessment that the nation needed to start by revisiting its goals for skilled migration.


The Family Stream, which mostly consists of Partner visas and has a total of 52,500 spots allocated to it, enables Australians to reunite with foreign relatives and offers them permanent migration paths. An estimated 40,500 partner visas will be issued under this category, and processing will switch to a demand-driven methodology.


The action will help many applicants—some of whom have been waiting for their grants and to be reunited with their spouses for years—reduce the backlog in visa applications and processing timeframes.


According to recently made public government data, the Department of Home Affairs has reduced the waiting list from the previous backlog of over 950,000 visa applicants to just 600,000.

Canada Immigration News December

Immigration has become critical to Canada’s economy. Newcomers have helped in building Canada in a significant way. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is taking firm action to strengthen Canada’s immigration by reducing its waiting times and improving its services for everyone’s betterment.


Record year for processing


Nearly 500,000 fewer applications have been added to the IRCC’s overall database since August. Furthermore, the department has been raising the bar for processing. Nearly twice as many applications—4.8 million—as opposed to 2.5 million—had been handled by the end of November 2022 by the IRCC.


The IRCC has digitized applications, recruited and trained new staff, streamlined procedures, and tapped into automation technology to boost processing efficiency while safeguarding Canadians’ safety and security. This has helped to strengthen our immigration system. The department continues to make progress in processing, resulting in decreased wait times for our clients and is on target to fulfill its objective of processing 80% of new applications within service standards for the majority of programs.


Temporary residence – to bring in more visitors, students, and labors to Canada


Canada is on track to break its own record for the processing of study permits this year. IRCC has processed more than 670,000 study permits as of November 30 this year, as opposed to more than 500,000 at the same time the previous year. As a result of these initiatives, the majority of new study permits are now handled within the required 60 days.


With approximately 700,000 work permits processed by November 30 compared to almost 223,000 in the same period in 2019, before the epidemic, there were also significant advances in the processing of work permits.


To accommodate the rising demand for visitor visas to Canada, IRCC continues to cut back on backlogs and process visas more swiftly. Canada now processes more tourist visa applications each month than it did before the outbreak. More than 260,000 visitor permits were processed in November alone. In contrast, there were roughly 180,000 applications each month on average in 2019.


The Canadian government will continue to give monthly updates on its efforts to reduce backlogs, as well as on the measures it is taking to enhance client satisfaction, reunite families, and solve the workforce shortage in the country. We are committed to creating an immigration system that benefits immigrants, tourists, our industries, and all Canadians even though we are aware that there is still much to be done.

Types of Work Permit in Poland

Planning a quick trip to Poland is one thing, but making arrangements to work there will call for a little more planning. It’s likely that you will require a Poland work visa if you have a job lined up there.

The fact that more and more foreigners are flocking to Poland each year is evidence of how desirable the Polish labour market has become in Europe. A work permit is required in order to pursue a professional job here. Are you looking for the best immigration Services? Then Trinity Consulting Services is the right fit for you. Get to know this document’s requirements in full.

Types of Work Visas in Poland:


Citizens of other EU members are not required to obtain a work permit in Poland because Poland is an EU member. The majority of other people will require both a work permit and a visa in order to remain in the nation.


For non-EU nationals who wish to enter Poland for employment, a variety of visa types are available, including:


  • Work Permit (Type A): This document is necessary for international employees of Polish companies.
  • Work Permit (Type C or E): Those who are sent to work in Poland as part of an intracompany transfer are eligible for this permit.
  • Business visa (Schengen Visa C or D)
  • Entrepreneur/freelancer visa


There are certain conditions for each sort of work permit. Keep in mind that employees will require both a work permit and a valid visa or residency permit.


Documents Required for the Poland Work Visa:


The following documents is needed to apply for a work visa in Poland:


  • Valid Passport

Ensure that your passport is still valid for at least six more months—or longer if the embassy requests it.


  • Visa Application Form

The form must be completed online through the e-Konsulat system, printed, and signed.


  • Coloured Photos of Yourself

The dimensions and specifications of the photo must comply with the Schengen visa photo standards.


  • Flight Itinerary

You must provide evidence that you have bought or at the very least reserved a flight to Poland.


  • Proof of Travel Insurance

You must sign up for long-term health insurance when you arrive in Poland, either with the Polish public health fund or a private insurance provider. However, for the initial work visa application, you will be asked to present proof of travel health insurance covering at least €30,000.


  • Proof of Accommodation

You must provide documentation proving you will have a place to stay in Poland during your visit.


  • Original and copied version of Work Permit

The work permit that your employer requested for on your behalf will be sent to you.


  • Employment Letter

You must submit the original letter of employment, signed by your employee and describing your position, salary, and other information of your employment.


  • Experience Certificate or CV

Send an updated version of your resume together with any credentials attesting to your employment history relevant to the position you’re applying for.


  • Police Clearance Certificate

You must prove that you are not a criminal.

Trenity Consultants: Your Ideal Poland Work Visa Consultant In Dubai

Poland is quickly creating new job prospects for talented professionals thanks to its stable democracy and economy, which has a positive impact on people’s quality of life. In high demand in the European labour market are physicians, pharmacists, architects, IT specialists, accountants, economists, engineers, cooks, product specialists, and others.

For immigration to Poland, professional assistance with papers and other legal procedures is necessary. In order for us to jointly determine the best professional track and destination for you, Trenity Consultants offers consultation to assess your options, skills, and goals. We will address and clarify all of your questions right away. We are one of the best Poland Work Visa Consultant in Dubai.

How to Determine Your Eligibility for a Skilled Visa Canada: A Step-by-Step Guide

Everyone has the right to celebrate life on this earth. And when it’s Canada, the celebration takes on a completely new meaning and gains energy. There are many factors at play. This second-largest nation has successfully welcomed immigrants from all over the world for a very long time.


In the truest sense of the term, Canada is a welfare state that offers social assistance services to spouses and children who immigrate to the nation as permanent residents with the principal applicant.


In this blog let’s see at some point to determine your eligibility for a skilled visa Canada in UAE.

Canada Express Entry System

The selection method of “first-come, first-served” is avoided by the Canada Express admission mechanism. It rather offers eligible immigrants a chance at success. The Canadian government chooses how many immigrants to invite. They decide how many immigrants to bring in based on their need for labour.


The Canadian government set its target for immigrants in 2018 at 310,000. The highest scorers in this process received invitations. This selection process has taken place several times throughout the year. Therefore, this express Entry approach is ideal for you if you envision yourself working in Canada and attaining all of your ambitions.

Selection Factors for the Skilled Worker Program (Express Entry)


To determine if you are eligible for the Federal Skilled Worker Program, they employ selection factor points. They will then evaluate your selection criteria and give you a final score out of 100.

You could be eligible for the Federal Skilled Worker Program if your score is 67 points or higher. You can submit a profile to the Express Entry pool if you also meet the other standards. Once you’re in the Express Entry pool, we score your profile using a different methodology.

You won’t be eligible for the programme if your score is less than 67 points. You might be able to increase your score by taking the following actions:

  • enhancing your language abilities
  • receiving a job offer in Canada
  • earning another degree, diploma, or certificate

1. Language Skills


The ability to converse in 1 or both of Canada’s official languages is crucial. In the Canadian work market, knowing either English, French, or both is advantageous. Your proficiency in both French and English language might earn you up to 28 points.


2. Education


You must possess a certificate, diploma, or degree from a Canadian if you attended school in Canada.

  • either a post-secondary institution or a secondary school

If you received your education abroad, you must have:


  • an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report for immigration reasons from a recognised institution demonstrating that your education is equivalent to a finished certificate, diploma, or degree from a Canadian:either a post-secondary institution or a secondary school.


3. Work Experience


The number of years you have worked full-time for pay (at least 30 hours per week, or an equivalent number of part-time hours [15 hours per week for 24 months]) at skill type 0, or skill levels A or B of the 2016 National Occupational Classification(NOC), will determine how many points you receive.


The NOC, which is used to categorise jobs in the Canadian economy, is a list of all the occupations available in the Canadian labour market. For various jobs, it outlines responsibilities, abilities, talents, and work environments. For each job that you want to add in your Express Entry profile, you must determine the “NOC code.”


4. Age


You can earn up to 12 points based on your age.


5. Adaptability


You can accrue adaptability points for both you and your spouse or common-law partner who will immigrate to Canada. A maximum of 10 points can be obtained by combining any of the elements below for you and your spouse. These factors determine how successfully you and your spouse will integrate into Canada.

Trenity Consultant -Leading Migration Consultant in Dubai

Canada leads the pack when it comes to immigration, welcoming individuals from all over the world who want to advance their professional lives in terms of education, careers, and businesses. According to Gilles Pison’s research, this country of maple leaves is home to 7.6 million of the most individuals from other countries.


Furthermore, according to Canadian government data, by 2031, more than half of the country’s working-age population would have been born abroad. One of the top migration consultant in Dubai, Trenity Consultants, helps you select the best immigration options for Canada based on your profile.

5 Tips for a Successful Work Visa Application in Poland

The first document any expat should obtain is a Poland work permit if they intend to relocate to Poland due to a new employment offer. Every foreign worker in Poland must have valid visas and work permits, in accordance with immigration regulations.


Unfortunately, Poland is not very accommodating when it comes to visa policies for foreigners, and visas are only issued if no Polish citizen is available to fill the position.


However, don’t worry; Poland Work Visa Consultant in Dubai are here to assist you. In this blog we give you few tips on getting a successful work visa application in Poland.

Types of Poland Work Visa Available:

Any foreign worker in Poland must have a work visa. The following types of work visas are available in Poland:


  • Type A

The most well-known work permit is this one- if you are hired by an employer with a registered office in Poland pursuant to an employment agreement or a civil law contract.


  • Type B


If you are a board member who has lived in Poland for a total of more than six months during the course of the last 12 months, this work permit is authorised.


  • Type C

If you are sent to Poland by a foreign employer for more than 30 days in a calendar year to work for the foreign employer’s subsidiary or branch office, you may apply for this work permit.


  • Type D


If a foreign employer temporarily transfers you to work in export services, you are qualified for this visa. There cannot be a branch or subsidiary of the foreign employer in Poland.


  • Type E


If you engage in employment-related activities that don’t fit into the aforementioned four categories, you may be eligible for this visa.

Common Mistakes to Avoid Rejection of Poland Work Visa:


1. Past or Current Criminal Records


The applicant’s activities and historical circumstances have a significant role in the consular officer’s decision to grant a work visa. In certain situations, the candidate may be rejected if they are deemed to pose a threat to internal security or public policy (i.e. terrorism, drug abuse, child abuse, addiction, other serious crimes).


2. False Travel Documents


All individuals (applicants) who seek to provide false travel documents to the embassy or consulate, trying to falsify their identity, using a fake identity, have the same outcome: an absolute denial of their visa application and other negative outcomes that follow.


3. Damaged and Invalid Passport

Having a passport that has not been kept in excellent shape could result in a visa being denied. Such situations include missing or detaching passport pages, a damaged passport cover, and more. The consular official may reject your visa application for a different reason, such as if you provide a passport that is unacceptable to the Embassy or Consulate.


4. Not Meeting the Salary Requirements


It is usual for candidates for worker visas to be turned down because they fall short of the income threshold for the position. This could be as a result of their improper application of the lower salary criteria and misreading the regulations. It could also be that when determining their eligibility, they did not apply the proper “going rate.”


5. Documents in Wrong Format


Even if you satisfy all of the aforementioned requirements, your application may still be rejected if the required paperwork is not submitted in the right format. It is crucial that this is done appropriately, for instance, if you are asked to produce an original document along with a certified translation.


Similar to this, it is crucial to include all the information requested if you are asked to submit a letter from your company on letterhead paper outlining your employment.

Get Your Dream Work Visa with Trenity

Work visas and work permits are different in Poland, and the application process is arduous and multi-step. By working with Trenity and its internal experts, you can get a one-stop solution for the entire cycle.


Additionally, we will handle the applications continuously and keep you updated on their developments. Any issues pertaining to your Poland Worker visa can be taken care of by Immigration Consultants in Abu Dhabi.


Are You Moving to Work in Another Country? 5 Tips for a Stress Free Move

Moving to a new country can feel like an emotional rollercoaster. The feelings of leaving behind the place and people you’ve been living with nearly usually accompany the thrill of moving to a new country.


Nowadays, people are somewhat aware of various cultures and ways of life thanks to the internet and other technologies. Nevertheless, no matter how well-informed you believe yourself to be, culture shock is inevitable. The best thing you can do is get ready for the change.


Here we have listed a few tips and tricks for you to be stress-free while you make your move to the new country:


  • Give Yourself Some Time


No matter how eager you are to begin your new life, setting an arbitrary timetable for moving adds time pressure to the already overwhelming list of concerns. It’s crucial to approach the Migration Consultants in Abu Dhabi systematically and step-by-step, taking it all in stride.


  • Tie Up All Loose Ends Before You Leave


You’ll need to work extremely hard to give your new house the best possible start once you move in. This entails meeting new people, locating employment, and settling down as much as you can. Unnecessary distractions can only serve to hinder your efforts. 


The last thing you need are phone calls or emails from home regarding expenses or your prior work. Before you go, make sure everything is in order.


  • Learn About the Language and Culture


Which languages are spoken most frequently where you’re moving? Is it a significantly different culture from the one in your current city? It is advisable to learn a few simple lines in the language spoken in your destination country to prevent misunderstandings. 

If it seems too challenging, ask your moving company to designate an Immigration Consultants in Abu Dhabi who can assist you. It’s critical to read immigration and visa documents carefully before signing them. Never sign anything if you aren’t certain about it.


  • Mark One Box “Unload Me”


You’ll be worn out, overwhelmed, and in possession of nothing but mysterious boxes when you get to your new house. Therefore, be sure to name one of your boxes “unload me” in addition to labelling the others with room names like “kitchen” and “bedroom.”


Include anything you believe will be necessary to get through that challenging first day, including a towel, clean clothes, fresh linens, coffee or tea, some food, and anything else you can think of.


  • Learn to Administer Your Expenses


Regarding taxes and returns, different nations have varied regulations. In a perfect world, your employer would assist you with this. Find a reputable financial advisor to assist you if you are launching your own company in a foreign location.


  • Network with the Expats


You become an “expat” as soon as you enter a new nation and start treating it as your new home. One excellent approach to learn about the habits, cultures, and more of the local area is to stay in a homestay until you locate a more permanent residence. 


Another fantastic way is to network with other expats. You’ll learn first-hand from someone who has really lived in your new city or nation what it’s like to do so!

Trenity Consultants: Get Expert Help with Migration Consultants in Abu Dhabi 

To put it mildly, the migration process is complicated. Assemble a team to make sure you receive specialised guidance about visas, jobs, housing, taxes, education, relocations, insurance, money, banking, pensions, and a long list of other topics to reduce stress.

When there are immigration advisors and a variety of different specialists who can lift the burden off your shoulders, it is not necessary to do it alone.


How to Stay in Australia after Student Visa

Australia is one of the popular global destinations for higher education along with Canada and UK. Australian student visa from UAE is a gateway for students in UAE to study in Australia. There are numerous advantages associated with an Australian student Visa. The possibility of bringing your family to Australia is one of the advantages. A super visa is another option to bring your dependence to stay with you. It is similar to the Canadian super visa where a permanent resident in Canada can bring their parents and grandparents to live with. The super visa allows Permanent residents to invite their parents and grandparents to stay with them for an extended period of time, as they meet the eligibility requirements. Dependants should be sponsored by permanent residents during their stay in the country. The duration of a super visa in Canada can last up to 5 years for each entry.

Why Australia


The quality of education offered in Australian universities along with the well-developed infrastructure are aesthetic nature of the country are some of the reasons that prompt students to choose Australia as their favourite destination of study. Most of all the country is immigration friendly with great post-study work options. Considering all these factors there is no wonder why students around the world travel to Australia for higher studies. Attaining an Australian student visa from UAE is a preferable option for students in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the other UAE States. With the help of expert assistance and guidance, you can complete all the complex processes to achieve a student visa in Australia. Approaching suitable Australian immigration consultancies can help you to meet all the formalities associated with getting an Australian student visa from UAE.

Trenity consultancy


Trenity Consulting Services are immigration consultants in UAE functioning to provide services for immigration, work visas and study visas to popular destinations. Trinity is a team of knowledgeable, immigration experts who provide customized solutions to the aspirants as per their requirements in terms of migration, settlement, and placement.

You will get expert assistance to make the right decision by analyzing and evaluating various possibilities. Trenity consultancies can assist you to relocate abroad with ease along with helping applicants with their migration decision.


Services of Trenity consultancy


  • Assistance for Permanent Immigration to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and European Nations
  • Work and student visa to various destinations across the world
  • Direct PR Visa and employment assistance
  • PR Card renewals
  • Investor migration visa, employer-sponsored visa, family visa, spouse visa, and all classes of migration visas

Speciality of Trenity consultancy


  • Support to fulfil different visa requirements
  • Evaluation of profile to make the best decision
  • Customized solutions for the clients
  • Consistent and reliable approach to dealing with different visa applications.
  • Expert interactions from cancellers at every step
  • Accountability to the clients
  • Priority to Customer satisfaction


There are various reasons why international students may wish to stay in Australia after their studies are completed. International students have an option to stay in Australia with the help of Post study-work visa where they are allowed to stay for another two years. International students who graduate with a university degree, study for a minimum of two years can then apply for post-study work rights to reside and work in Australia for two to five years. Students from UAE can also make use of this opportunity. Trenity consultancy can provide you best assistance if you are planning to study in Australia from any part of the UAE.

Reunite With Your Parents and Grandparents Through Canada Super Visa

Canada is one of the top migration destinations due to its solid economy and easy resettlement. The migration status of Canada is ever-growing with professionals from different parts of the world. It is hard to remain detached from our dear ones in a country far away. A Canadian super visa is an option to bring your parents and grandparents to Canada. The super visa allows Permanent residents to invite their parents and grandparents to stay with them for an extended period of time, as they meet the eligibility requirements. Dependents should be sponsored by permanent residents during their stay in the country. The duration of a super visa in Canada can last up to 5 years for each entry. There are numerous eligibility requirements for Canadian super visa. Approaching visa consultant in Abu Dhabi can help you to fulfil the complex process to attain Canadian super visa.

Eligibility requirements for Super visa

As the first step to attain a Super visa for your parents and grandparents, the resident has to write a letter of invitation stating your residency status or citizenship document.

In order to ensure the safety of dependence in Canada the residence has to sponsor them with complete financial support. To meet the requirement for this the sponsor should be able to prove their income status exceeds the Low-Income Cut-Off or simply LICO. Member count in the family is a factor that determines LICO. Pay Insurance stubs, employment letters and bank statements are some of the documents you can use as proof of funds.

A requirement of medical insurance from any Canadian company should be met with at least $100,000 in compass. The validity of insurance will last for a minimum of one year from the date of entry.

The officials will look into the purpose of the visit in addition to attention to the overall economic and political stability of the home country. The applicant should be able to convince the authority with valid reasons.

You can seek for professional help of Visa consultant in Abu Dhabi to complete the procedure. Trenity consultancy can provide you with adequate assistance if you are trying to attain a super visa from UAE.

Trenity consultancy

Trenity Consulting Services are immigration consultants in UAE functioning to provide services for immigration, work visas, study visas and dependant visa to various destinations including Canada. Trinity is a team of knowledgeable, immigration experts who provide customized solutions to the aspirants as per their requirements in terms of migration, settlement, and placement. You will get expert assistance to make the right decision by analyzing and evaluating various possibilities.

Trenity consultancy services

  • Assistance for Permanent Immigration to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and European Nations
  • Work and student visas to various destinations across the world
  • Direct PR Visa and employment assistance
  • PR Card renewals
  • Investor migration visa, employer-sponsored visa, family visa, spouse visa, and all classes of migration visas
  • Support to fulfill different visa requirements
  • Evaluation of profile to make the best decisio
  • Customized solutions for the clients
  • Consistent and reliable approach to dealing with different visa applications.
  • Expert interactions from cancellers at every step
  • Accountability to the clients
  • Priority to Customer satisfaction


The super visa allows staying durable for up to a period of 5 years per entry to Canada. Super visa are greatly helpful if you are seeking a way to visit your children or grandchildren for an extended period of time. In order to stay permanently in Canada, the parents and grandparents must be sponsored by their Canadian child during the stay. You can make use of this opportunity with the aid of a migration consultant in Dubai. If you are from Abu Dhabi, you can also approach Visa consultant in Abu Dhabi to furnish you with further information.