Poland Work Permit


Non-EU citizens require a work permit to enter Poland.

  • Type A

    This work permit is suitable for foreign nationals who work in a company, with a registered office in Poland.

  • Type B

    This work permit is intended for company board members who have been staying in Poland for more than 6 months, within a period of one year.

  • Type C

    This is issued for employees who are sent to Poland to work for more than 30 days. This usually happens when a company has a branch office in Poland. .

  • Type D

    This work permit is for foreign companies delegating employees to Poland, but they do not have a branch office in the country. The employees will be sent on a temporary basis in export service.

  • Type E

    This kind of work permit is issued for people who do not belong to any of the categories mentioned above.


  • Seek the guidance of experts like Trenity Consultants to start the visa processing and the paperwork required for it.

  • Name your requirement and the purpose of travel.

  • For work, we will provide assistance for job search.

  • The prospective employer will do the labour market test.

  • We will collect, prepare and submit all the documents to the employer

  • Fee payment, insurance and fund detail submission

  • The employer does all the relevant paperwork and application formalities

  • Once the application is approved, the work permit will be issues

  • Can apply with the Poland embassy or VFS

Once you have the residence permit, and have been working for an employer for 3 months, you can apply for a TRC or Temporary Residence Permit Card. This will also give you access to Schengen Area.

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Poland Work Permit

The Poland work permit is indeed very vast, because of the huge variety of professions that people follow there. Also, anyone with a Polish residence permit can travel to Schengen areas without restrictions.

Poland has a lot of new job prospects for talented professionals and skilled workers. The economy and the political conditions in Poland are also stable and strong, so trying for a job or business there will be very rewarding. The European labour market is quite rich  in job prospects and there is a huge demand for engineers, pharmacists, IT specialists, accountants, economists, engineers, cooks, physicians, pharmacists and a lot of other demanding professions.

Who needs to get a Polish work permit?

An applicant who is a foreigner and not a citizen of an EU member can apply for a work permit provided they fulfil the following conditions

  • Have a temporary residency permit

  • Have a Schengen visa or have some sort of residency permit granted by another Schengen Area member state

  • Meet the conditions of a visa-free travel agreement as per the foreigners employment

  • Work permit validity periods

Are Poland Visas Extendable?

You have to submit the application forms for extending your visa in Poland, at least on the last day of legal residence in the country. However, for the Schengen areas it is not that straightforward. The candidate must be able to prove the need for staying longer in the country. The application will be sent to the Polish embassy and they have the last word on this. 

We can help you with the procedures when you want to extend your Poland visa. We will also keep you updated on the latest laws, rules and regulations so you will always have our most accurate service.