Skilled Migration

Trenity Migration Consultants in Qatar

With our global presence and expertise, we have helped skilled labour to relocate from Qatar and find excellent jobs in their choice of destination. Qatar has strict laws for unique skilled migration, and even though they are looking to fill the skill shortages, it is imperative to follow these laws strictly. We are able to provide all our assistance in finding the right match for talents and skills that you have.

How Trenity Consultants Can Help?

As your immigration and visa services partner, we will support you through the complete process involving the bureaucracy, right from the formalities in the immigration office, the insurance companies, bank accounts, car registration to all the formalities involved in legalising your working.

Why Choose Us?

We can help you analyse your skills, help with the complete documentation and paperwork required for relocating abroad. It is important to get a work visa before you can move in there to work legally. The employer will act as your local sponsor and will make the necessary move to get the visa and the permit. Apart from filling out the paperwork for the visa and applications, we can provide expert advice on the immigration system of different countries, and also assist you in sending your family and pets once you’ve settled abroad, and even prepare you for the interviews that will gain admission and entry into the new country.
  • Individual Care

    Foreign nationals desiring to live temporarily or permanently in Australia or Canada can receive individualised advice from Trenity Consultants. Whether you wish to travel, study, work, or apply for permanent residency, we can assist you in navigating the application process's many difficulties securely.

  • No Hidden Fees

    If you want to ask us to prepare your Australian or Canadian immigration application, we may provide you a fixed-fee price quote. We establish reasonable fees after carefully analysing your immigration situation and your case's complexity.

  • Ongoing Follow Up and Support

    We take pleasure in the level of service we offer to our clients, including our thorough follow-up and ongoing progress reports. We collaborate with and assist our clients throughout the process.


Canada Express Entry is the most dynamic migration programme in the history of Canada, which includes following programmes:


Australia Skilled Migration process is a point bases system that allows professionals to migrate to Australia Fast-Track. 
It’s a combination of three stages as following: