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These Immigration Myths Are Untrue! Let’s Clear This Up

The Canadian Government is welcoming and encouraging many skilled people to relocate to Canada to boost its economy. Canada is offering a welcoming, family-friendly, and safe place for expats to live. Over the last few years, Canada has been a favoured destination for those who want to study overseas, want higher job opportunities, or craving for high living standards. However, there are many myths surrounding immigration to Canada. In this blog, we will clear any misconceptions you are having about moving to Canada.

  1. Canada is cold all the time.

Canada experiences all four seasons with certain disparities based on your location. Though winter spans around three months (from November to March) in certain regions, some areas like Vancouver and the West Coast will have only low snowfall and barely experience extreme cold. In summer, Canada will spring to life with temperatures staying around 30 degrees Celsius for weeks. This makes it an amazing destination for those who want to visit Canada in warm weather.

  1. Everybody speaks French

Even though French is one of Canada’s two official languages, it is mainly spoken in Quebec Province. Also, not all Canadians are fluent in French. That’s why English is one of the predominant languages in Canada. However, many Canadian schools have the French language right from elementary school.

  1. Expats are stealing jobs from Canadians

This myth certainly does not acknowledge the fact that expats (immigrants) play a huge role in boosting Canada’s economy. They not only bridge the gaps in labor but also contribute immensely to the country’s tax revenues. They also play a huge role in inspiring economic growth by spending on goods, housing, and transportation. In fact, immigrants create better job opportunities.

  1. Immigration to Canada is easy

One of the most popular myths is that migrating to Canada is a simple process. Sadly, it is not true. Even though Canada welcomes immigrants, the process of immigration is quite complex and time-consuming. The various immigration programs of the Canadian government feature its own specific set of criteria and requirements. This can be quite overwhelming and even stringent in certain cases.

Moreover, the immigration process calls for a significant amount of documentation and meticulous attention to detail. Applicants need to provide financial statements, educational qualifications, work experience, etc. to gauge their eligibility. Working with an immigration consultant like Trenity Consulting Services can boost your chance of success.

  1. Immigration to Canada means permanent residency

Almost everyone thinks that once you get a Canadian visa, you get permanent residency. Even though permanent residency in Canada is every immigrant’s goal, having a temporary visa will not guarantee it. Permanent residency is an altogether different process that immigrants can achieve once they meet specific residency criteria. Talk to an expert migration consultant in Dubai like Trenity Consultants who can guide you properly.

If you want to expose the myths pertaining to Canadian immigration, we at Trenity Consulting Services are there for you. We will help you get better clarity on any myths. We are the trusted migration consultants in Dubai and can help you understand the Canadian immigration process for smooth and hassle-free immigration.

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