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What You Need to Consider for a Canadian Work Visa

A work permit is a legally binding document that enables a foreign national to work while present in Canada. Around 500,000 temporary foreign workers receive work permits from Canada each year from all over the world. Many foreigners looking for jobs choose Canada as their top choice. For those looking to immigrate permanently to Canada, working there is a fantastic first step. There are many Canada Visa Experts in UAE who can help you with applying for a Canadian work visa.

Why should you choose Canada?


For an immigrant investor looking to relocate, Canada is among the most well-known countries. You would be qualified for Canadian citizenship as an investor if you lived there for three of the next five years. Canada is among the safest countries to live in and has some of the top healthcare and educational systems in the world. In addition, a Canadian passport is one of the greatest types of travel identification available. The Canadian Constitution strongly supports religious, racial, and cultural tolerance. With the exception of the ability to vote and hold political office, you can obtain citizenship through this method.

What are the benefits of an open work permit?


Because an employee can choose the employer of his choosing, an open work permit guarantees liberty in the job. Several open work permit criteria are not applicable in Canada. Applying for an open work permit in Canada is not contingent upon having a job offer. A valid work visa also qualifies for an LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment).

Who can apply for a Canadian open work permit?

  • For a person to be qualified for an open work visa in Canada, the following requirements must be fulfilled:
  • Any foreign student who has just received their diploma from an institution recognized by Canada is eligible for the programme for the post-graduation work visa.
  • Any person who has applied for a residence permit is automatically qualified for the Canadian Immigration Program.
  • If the person applying for permanent residency in Canada has any family connections.
  • If a person is an overseas student’s spouse or legal partner.
  • If someone has a temporary residency card from Canada
  • If you’re taking a working vacation in Canada.
  • Students who are unable to cover their tuition bills while studying in Canada.
  • And many more.

How can one apply for a Canadian Open work permit?


You could enroll in the programs from within Canada or even from outside if you met any of the requirements for the open work permit. Your place of birth will have a significant impact on the paperwork and documents you must submit as well as the registration process. The procedure would involve submitting a special form and the open work permit holder’s cost in these two situations, i.e., being outside or inside Canada. You will also be charged a fee at the same time as your application for a work permit is processed. There are many Canada Visa Experts in UAE who can help you with the whole process.

There are many Migration Consultants in Dubai such as Trenity Consultants who can help you with application of the process for a Canadian work permit and other procedures. We have many influences with the regulatory authorities and can speed up the process of you getting a work permit easily. We provide 100% privacy and confidentiality at all times while providing you with customized packages at an affordable price.

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