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Australia Immigration Rule

Australia Immigration Rule Changes in 2024 and Impact

Australia is yet another popular destination for migrants around the world. It welcomes around 2 lakh immigrants annually. It is evident from these figures that the Australia Immigration Rule is pretty much accommodative towards the migrant population. However, recently some changes have been made on to the policies including a rise in the financial capacity requirement for student visas. Updating to these changing norms is essential to navigate the immigration regime.

From increased IELTS score points to new and improved nomination pathways these policy shifts provide encouragement as well as disappointment factors. Australia’s Skilled Migration is also facing a shift with policies including opportunities for temporary skilled sponsored workers. On the other side ending of the COVID-19 concession for all visa sub-classes comes as a blow to categories including employee-sponsored visa and family visa holders. 

The new migration strategy released by the Australian government is about to be explored in the following sections.

Migration Strategy and the key Australian immigration changes for 2024

Skill Targeted Pathways:

Specialist skill pathway, core skill pathway, and essential skill pathway are the three new skills in demand visa about to be created. The first pathway benefits highly skilled workers with a minimum guaranteed annual earnings of 1,35,000 AUD. However, machinery operators, drivers, and trades workers are exempted from this category. The second program will benefit workers with fundamental skills necessary to meet workforce demands. This new list of opportunities will be updated according to the demands in the job market. Meanwhile, the third pathway focuses on workers with essential skills earning below 70,000 AUD. Thus these new changes about to happen in Australia Immigration Rule is a positive sign with new and targeted opportunities.

Student Visa Applications:

Other than Australia skilled migrations the influx of students form a major share of its immigrant population. With a goal to support learning and increase employment outcomes for these students IELTS or its equivalent scores have been increased. For a student 500 visa IELTS will rise from 5.5 points to 6.0. In the case of graduate visa applicants it has been increased from 6.0 to 6.5. Other than these the amount of savings they have to prove on the application process has been projected to the range of 24,000 AUD. In the case of graduated students, the length of a post-study visa is expected to change. However temporary graduate visas in the range of 2 to 3 years will give students some time to get work experience.

Closure of the COVID Visa:

The pandemic event 408 COVID-19 visa holders will be able to apply for subsequent visas until the visa is fully closed by February 2024. All other visa holders will be ineligible for a pandemic event visa from 2 September 2023. This has come as a blow to other visa holders.


Australia relies on a point-based system to allow permanent residency for skilled migrants. This system is also subjected to revisions to target the best talents who will contribute considerably to the Australian economy. Thus immigration process into Australia can be expected to tighten with priorities on quality rather than mass immigration entries. 


Navigating this changing landscape of Australian immigration rule could backfire in the absence of updated knowledge. As an immigrant, you are not supposed to have sources of such knowledge. That is why we at Trenity Consultants are here for you. Our valuable sources ensure that you don’t miss out on anything. Reach out to us for better insights.


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