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Residence Visa for Canada

6 Ways to Obtain a Residence Visa for Canada From Dubai

Canada has been among the leading destinations for relocation in recent years. The quality of life, modern liberal values, economic opportunities, and high standards of education seem to be the reasons that make it alluring for expats. Even though there are strict regulations there are enough legitimate channels to obtain a residence visa for Canada. The country is pretty much welcoming towards immigrants. For instance, in 2020, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, it admitted over 184,000 permanent residents. 


Applying for a residence visa for this country from Dubai is a challenging affair. Knowing the right opportunities can ease the process. Consulting with a reputed Canada Immigration Consultants in Dubai can be helpful. Even with professional help knowing one or two things about the prevailing opportunities enables you to make prudent decisions. Here are some insights that might be helpful.

Residence Visa for Canada: Successful Channels

1. Express Entry System

This is a permanent residency channel for skilled workers. Upon submitting a profile on IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) applicants are ranked based on a point system. This system ranks applicants based on education, work experience, age, and language proficiency. The highest-ranking candidate will get an invite to complete the application. In a short duration, candidates have to complete an application and wait until the IRCC has processed the application. 

Even though Canadian work experience is preferred under this scheme, there are alternate channels with overseas work experience. However, since meeting the Canadian skill shortage is the ultimate goal applicant should be eligible to contribute to the country’s economic growth.

2. Family Sponsorship

Canadian citizens or permanent residents have options to sponsor a family member. The pre-requisite is that they should have enough economic resources to support the incoming family member. However, it is essential to consult with the Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai  to understand eligibility criteria and required documentation.

3. Provincial Nominee Program

This is a residency program that addresses the unique workforce demands of respective provinces. Applicants with better contacts within the province have a high chance of getting selected for this program. Given that, contacting relevant provincial authorities on the eligibility and requirements of the program might be fruitful.

4. Intra Company Transfer

If a candidate works with a multinational company in the UAE that has branches in Canada, they can see if their employer offers an intra-company transfer. To facilitate this way of a residence visa for Canada a valid job offer and support from the company’s immigration department is essential. Try contacting the employer’s immigration department. They can streamline the entire process.

5. Study Permit to Permanent Residence

A study permit is one of the popular channels to get settled in Canada from the UAE. Selected institutions in Canada offer PGWS or Post Graduation Work Permit. This allows a candidate to acquire relevant Canadian work experience that makes them eligible for several programs like the express entry channel for permanent residency.

6. Investment-Based Residency Programs

The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP) is one such program that offers residence visas for Canada for investors with a high net worth with a passive investment in the country. The Provincial Nominee Programs also offer such opportunities to gain residency while contributing to the economic growth of the country. Consulting with an immigration consultant will be helpful to know the nuanced requirements of these residency schemes.


There are high chances of missing out on these opportunities for residency in Canada if you are unaware of them. Moreover, the eligibility criteria and documentation procedures may confuse you leading to application rejection. This is why an expert like Trenity Immigration Consultants is a necessity to streamline the process. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, transparent dealings, and accountable actions we offer a reliable service that is based on knowledgeable actions.


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