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Provincial Immigration in Latest Draws

Five Provinces Issue Invitations for Provincial Immigration in Latest Draw

Migrating to Canada as a resident is a dream for many international migrants who wish to embrace the quality of living in this developed country. Fortunately, the country offers a series of legitimate pathways that facilitate such a dream. It includes the express entry gateway, provincial nominee program (PNP), and family sponsorship among others. Among these options, the PNP and Quebec’s independent selection process offers a flexible pathway of opportunities for those who don’t qualify for the federal immigration schemes. In this light, the invitations issued for provincial immigration in the latest draws are something worthy of looking after. The outcomes of these processes from April 27 to May 3 are the crux of the following sections. 

By late April and Early May five provinces from Canada, namely British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec, Prince Edward Island and Manitoba issued invitations for the provincial immigration draw. Among these provinces, Quebec is an odd one in that it conducts an autonomous selection process out of the PNP scheme. Within or outside the scheme each of these provinces makes way for Canada Skilled Migration while catering to their unique labor requirements and demography status. So it is mandatory to have eligibility as specified by each province to qualify for their draw.

British Columbia

The British Columbia Province conducted two British Columbia PNP (BCPNP) draws on April 30, 2024. In one of these draws, which was a general draw, the province issued 47 invitations to candidates from five streams. These streams include skilled worker, skilled worker- Express Entry British Columbia (EEBC) option, International graduate, and International graduate EEBC option and the applications belonging to Entry Level and Semi-Skilled category. The point cut-off was  131 except in the last category mentioned above. Other than these they conducted parallel draws for other four occupational categories namely childcare, healthcare, construction, and veterinary care with cut-offs in the range of 80 to 100.


The province which release the results of its provincial immigration in retrospect released the results of two draws conducted on April 11th and 25th of 2024. These draws which invited more than 1000 applicants each to apply for its permanent selection had separate eligibility requirements to get invited. The first required the satisfaction of two conditions. It includes the attainment of at least level 7 in oral French proficiency according to Quebec’s French proficiency scale for adult immigrants and a valid job offer located outside the Communaute Metropolitaine De Montreal area. In the second draw along with these conditions, there was an additional requirement to attain a minimum score of 598 points.


This province made way for provincial immigration in the latest draws conducted on April 17, 2024. During this draw the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP) a part of its PNP sent 49 Notification of Interest (NOI) to eligible candidates as per its “Dedicated healthcare pathway with Alberta Job Offer” category. They were also required to have a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score of 302.


Manitoba on April 30 published the updated result of a recent draw. This draw was dedicated to a purpose. The purpose was based on the provincial government’s special immigration measure for Ukraine. In a subsequent draw conducted on May 02, the Manitoba PNP sent invitations to three other streams of applications. This includes an occupation-specific skilled workers-Manitoba stream, international education stream and skilled workers overseas stream. While the second category had no point requirement the third category required a minimum CRS of 796 to be considered.

Prince Edward Island

As of May 2, PEI PNP sends 6 invites to applicants working in healthcare and construction.


That is all about the update on provincial immigration in the latest draws from April 27 to May 3. These updates could be beneficial for every applicant who wishes to enter Canada through the PNP scheme. However, navigating this terrain could be perplexing due to the varying eligibility conditions between different provinces in Canada. Moreover, these requirements are volatile, increasing the need for high alert. This is where the support of the best immigration consultants in Dubai, UAE will be of great help. As a veteran player in the field, Trenity Immigration Consultants will be the best choice in this direction. We will take care of your Canadian skilled migration requirement while you caress your dreams of migrating to this country.


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