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Luxembourg work visa

How you can Apply Luxembourg work visa from UAE?

Luxembourg, despite being a small country, is an advanced economy that offers better prospects for immigrant workers. As per IMF and World Bank estimates it has one of the highest GDP per capita in the world. Moreover, the rich cultural heritage and alluring landscape are compelling reasons for immigrants to go after a Luxembourg work visa. Fortunately, the conditions mandated by Luxembourg immigration authorities for a work visa are pretty much on the liberal side. Individuals with professional and academic qualifications and clean character certifications devoid of criminal records are welcome to this country as immigrant workers.

However, it is reasonable to have some sort of formalities to procure a work visa. With the Best immigration consultants in Dubai, UAE these formalities can be a cakewalk. Moreover, expert assistance will be helpful to stay clear of online frauds and agents who claim to help in getting a visa. The Embassy of Luxembourg in Abu Dhabi has clearly stated that it doesn’t provide any e-visas or work with any agents in the issuance of visas.

Proper Channel for Luxembourg Work Visa

Immigrants to settle in Luxembourg with a job are recommended to apply for long-stay visas also known as national visas. Even though it is limited to 1 year, it can be extended depending on the reason for staying. With a temporary residency permit, this can also be extended for up to 5 years. By this time an immigrant will be eligible for permanent residency.

Applying for this Visa from UAE: Paperwork unveiled

Temporary Authorization:

As a first step it is required to apply at the Immigration Directorate of the Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs for a temporary authorization to stay in Luxembourg.

Long Stay Visa:

After getting a temporary authorization an individual can apply for a long stay visa with all the required documents at the nearest Luxembourg embassy in UAE.

General Documents for a Long Stay Visa:

As proof of accommodation an applicant will be required to produce a rental agreement or hotel reservation. A criminal record issued by the police in the UAE is essential to prove that this person is not a threat to the Republic of Luxembourg. Health insurance, a valid passport, and a bank statement are other required documentation. The bank statements should prove that the applicant can take care of their expenses in Luxembourg. Also, be prepared with two photos in line with Schengen visa photo requirements. Finally, it requires the applicant to pay a long-stay visa fee of 80 Euros at the embassy or consulate. Don’t forget to attach the payment receipt with other documents. 

Work Visa-Specific Requirements:

It is essential to find a job and receive a work contract that specifies the salary, work duration, and work position among other details. The employer must also register the candidate’s right to work at the National Employment Agency in Luxembourg while proving that they have permits to employ immigrants.


Thus Luxembourg offers a convenient visa channel for immigrants from the UAE and other non-European developing countries given that they have the required qualifications, documents, and calibre to find a potential employer. If you are still confused about where to start and how to proceed for a Luxembourg work visa, at Trenity Consultants we offer transparent service that could clear all your doubts. Reach out to us to receive an excellent service that will give color to your immigration dreams.


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