Canada Residence by Investment

Canada Permanent Residency



Northern part of North America




9.985 Million sq. kms in area


Canadian Dollar


English & French



21-50 Years


Minimum 3 years of experience


Source must be legal


Vary from programme to programme


Yes, English language is mandatory



Visa free travel to 184 Countries


USD $1 = CAD $1.34


World class universities


Low tax policy is applicable


World class health health care


The Canadian Residence by Investment Plan. 

Physical Residence?

Yes, physical residence is required.

Timeline of the process.

The time of processing may vary from programme to programme.

Dependents children applicable.

The dependent children must be under 22 years of age.


Quebec Investor Programme (QIIP)

Required Networth

CAD $2 Million

Minimum Investment:

CAD $1.2 Million

Locking period 5 years

British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP)Entrepreneur Immigration Stream

Required Networth

CAD $600,000

Minimum Investment: 

CAD $200,000

Outside Capital region 
or $400,000 inside Capital Region

Manitoba Business Investor Stream (MPNP)

Required Networth

CAD $500,000

Minimum Investment: 

CAD $150,000

Outside Capital region 
or $250,000 inside Capital Region

Top Canada Visa Consultant in Kuwait

Canada has a complex immigration system in place to assess and approve incoming immigrants. Canadian PR may be applied for in the investor category. Canada’s government launched the investor programme to recruit rich entrepreneurs to the nation.

You can apply for a permanent residency visa in Canada and Quebec through different investment schemes. The selection procedure is comparable for both programmes. We provide the required assistance in applying for Canadian permanent residency in Kuwait, including help with the process.

Why Canada?

One of the most popular places for an investment immigrant to settle down is Canada. As an investor, you would be qualified for Canadian citizenship if you lived there for three out of the next five years. Canada is one of the safest countries to live in, and its healthcare and educational systems are among the best in the world. A Canadian passport is also one of the best types of travel documentation available.

Requirements For Quebec Immigrant Investor Program

You and your close family members will be able to move to Quebec as permanent residents thanks to the programme. You must make one of these investments and fulfil the other requirements in order to be qualified for permanent residency. In contrast to Canada’s federal investor programme, Quebec’s programme demands that the candidate present a Quebec certificate of selection to the Canadian government prior to applying for permanent residence. You can submit a request for permanent residence using the certificate. You must reside in Quebec in order to maintain your CSQ.

  • Show business experience
  • Present documents that support the source of your investment amount
  • Have $2 million or more as your net worth
  • Pass the security and medical evaluations of Canada
  • Make a zero-interest investment worth $1.2 million or more for five years under the program. Canada’s government will guarantee your investment and will pay you back in full at the completion of the period
  • Show that you intend to settle here in Quebec.

How The Process Works?

You will need to provide supporting paperwork for your business background, your net worth, and proof that your assets were acquired legitimately. Your application will be examined for conformity by a licenced, government-approved financial intermediary before being sent to Quebec’s immigration authorities.

After submitting your application, you have a year to schedule an interview; the Canadian government typically makes a decision 30 days later. If the government rules in your favour, you would have 110 days to invest the specified sum. Following your investment, you can obtain the certificate necessary to submit a PR application.

The federal government of Canada should receive the application. You will also need to present a medical certificate and a certificate stating that you have no criminal history. The processing time for Quebec is typically 1 to 4 years, but it is possible to receive the visa conclusion sooner.

You could want the assistance of an immigration consultant if you want to invest, work, study, or travel to Canada. We rank among the top immigration advisors in Kuwait for people looking to immigrate to Canada permanently. We provide a range of immigration and visa services, including those related to Canada’s residence by investment programme, for aspirational investors.

Residence By Investment

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