Citizenship By Investment In Grenada

Travel visa-free to 143 countries with Grenadian Citizenship



An island in Carribean Sea


St. George's


Grenada is 348 sq. kms in area


East Caribbean Dollar





Over 18 years


No test required


Source must be legal


Children under 25 years


No serious medical conditions



Life time and non-revocable


Visa free travel to 143 Countries


USD $1 = XCD $2.70


No tax if not residing


No Tax


The Citizenship By Investment In Grenada is for life and not revocable. 

Dual Citizenship?

Yes, it is allowed

Physical Residence?

No, physical residence is not required.

Timeline of the process.

The minimal time of processing is 3 to 5 Months.

Dependents parents and children applicable.

The dependent children must be under 25 years of age & parents must be above 65 years of age.

Citizenship by Investment
Plan Details

Get second passport in 3 months under Citizenship & Investment plan.

Apply Now

( Non-Refundable Investment )

Main Applicant, spouse & 2 Children below 18 years

US $200,000

Additional dependents

US$ 25,000 Each dependent

*Govt charges applicable

Real Estate

*Real Estate must be held for 5 years and may be eligible for resale


US $220,000

Government Fees:

Family upto 4 members

US $50,000

Additional dependents

US $25,000 Each dependent

*Govt charges applicable
Grenada’s citizenship by investment program is one of the most recent ones to be made available to investors from across the world for people who are interested in obtaining Grenadian citizenship. This program is designed for people who want to travel to more than 153 countries without a visa by earning a second citizenship in an EU nation. In addition to the advantages in the EU nations, the UK, and China, this visa grants the holder of citizenship the USA E2 treaty investor visa.
Citizenship by Investment Act, which enables persons to get citizenship and permanent residency (PR) through particular investment kinds, was passed by the Grenadian parliament in 2013. After the law’s passage, the nation has granted citizenship to Grenadians. If you are seeking citizenship by investment in Grenada, then there are two financial investment options in the program. Here are they:
  • A non-refundable donation of at least $150,000 to the NTF (National Transformation Fund)
  • An investment in a real estate project in Grenada that has received government approval valued $220,000 or more. By doing this, you can sell the relevant property in five years.
Why Should You Sign Up for the Grenada CBI Program?
Grenada has a fantastic CBI program that enables you to visit more than 140 countries without a visa using only your passport. In addition to your existing passport, the program enables you to obtain a Grenada passport in 3–4 months. Grenada has a tax code that exempts income, wealth, and inheritance from taxation.
Also, you are not required to be physically present in Grenada in order to obtain a passport. Dual citizenship is permitted in the nation, and citizenship can be passed down to ancestors. Also, a Grenadian passport allows you to enter the US on an E-2 investment visa.
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With our experts, go over your desired investing mode. Either purchase a home in the real estate development that has received government approval, or give money to the government. Although the nation welcomes all immigrants with due caution, the 2013 introduction of this new citizenship program is advantageous for applications. Our terms and conditions are legitimate, and we adhere to the best and most well-researched methods for obtaining citizenship through investing in Grenada.
The option of Grenada citizenship can be extended to dependents who are younger than 30 and parents who are older than 55. The processing time is only 4 months when using a legitimate registration method, which will be managed by experts who are knowledgeable with Grenada’s immigration laws.