Citizenship By Investment In Malta


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Worldwide mobility with visa-free travel to 182 countries



Located in Europe




Malta is 316 sq. kms in area




Maltese and English



Over 18 years


Source must be legal


Less than 27 years


No minimum education required


None should carry a criminal record



Setup business in any European country


Visa free travel to 182 Countries


EUR €1 = USD $1.12


Low tax rate


Tax is applicable on worldwide income


The Malta Citizenship By Investment program is for life and not revocable.

Perks of Malta Citizenship:

Malta Citizens are entitled to full Europe Union citizenship.

Business Setup:

Setup your business anywhere in Europe.

Timeline of the process:

The minimal time of processing is 6 Months.

Citizenship by Investment
Plan Details

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Minimum contribution to National development fund setup by the government

National Development Fund


Purchase of Stocks/Bonds


Property Transaction

Property purchase


Property rental

€16,000 p.a.

*Govt charges applicable
Malta is the perfect country to refer to as a second home because it is located in the heart of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. Not just because of the natural beauty and favourable climate, but also because of the most recent initiatives that enable people to succeed in the commercial sector.
For those who spend time residing in Malta in order to obtain naturalisation, the Malta Citizenship by Investment Program offers significant incentives. A Maltese citizen and their family are eligible to live and work anywhere in the European Union thanks to the country’s one of the strongest passports in the world for visa-free travel. Maltese citizenship also confers citizenship within Europe, allowing holders to travel freely within the continent.
Eligibility Criteria:
A thorough four-tier due diligence process is applied to each application for Malta Citizenship by Naturalization for Extraordinary Services through Direct Investment. To qualify, the following requirements must be satisfied:
  • All applicants must be 18 years of age or older.
  • A contribution of at least EUR 600,000 or EUR 750,000 for a residency commitment of at least 12 months, whichever is longer.
  • Purchasing a home in Malta for at least EUR 700,000, which must be occupied for at least five years. Alternately, a residential property with a five-year lease and a minimum annual rental cost of EUR 16,000 may be used. Please be advised that the property cannot be rented for the first five years. A 36-month (or 18-month, by exception) rental arrangement or home purchase is required during the residency period.
  • Legal residency of Malta for at least 36 months (or 12 months, by exception), which includes a rental agreement of a residential property with a lease value of a minimum of EUR 16,000 per year, held for that same duration.
  • Contribute a minimum of EUR 10,000 to a registered sport, cultural, scientific, philanthropic, animal welfare, or artistic non-governmental organization or society, as approved by the Community Malta Agency. A current resident card is necessary to submit a citizenship application.

Benefits of Malta Citizenship:

  • Visa-free travel to 186 countries
  • Access to Maltese healthcare system
  • Quality life for family
  • Work or study in EU countries

Why Choose Trenity Consultants?

We can help you in a number of methods to settle in Malta using investment as one of the top immigration experts in Kuwait. With their expertise, our consultants can assist you with the application procedure. We can assist you with the preparation of your application because we have contacts in many different nations. We provide local expertise with international experience thanks to our relationships in many different countries. Thus, be sure to get in touch with us and use our migration services to get the best immigration services in Kuwait. For the following state contributions, Trenity Consultants offers a programme that grants you unlimited residency privileges for investors:
  • Deposit of €250k in Maltese government through equities or bonds for at least a lock-in period of 5 years
  • A €30k donation must be made to the State fund of Malta
  • Purchase or rent a residence on Island
  • Buy or lease a residence on the island
  • Processing fee of €40k
The most popular low-risk investment programme to assist you get a resident visa in an EU nation is without a doubt the Malta Citizenship by Investment Program Scheme. High net worth individuals should take advantage of the Malta Investment Program, which asks for at least €650k to contribute to the country’s development fund established by the government.
The rental commitment is €16k per year, and the minimum property worth is €350k. You will then be granted citizenship in the EU, which entitles you to live, work, and study anywhere inside the EU.

Residency by Investment Europe

By choosing the residency by investment option, you won’t have to worry about relocating anyplace in the EU. The best immigration consultant in Kuwait is Trenity Consulting. These initiatives are made to assist applicants in obtaining dual citizenship and making investments in European nations. Residency by investment is a developing trend today because to the many advantages of investment residence, including visa-free travel to many countries, safe and secure living, economic and corporate growth, and much more.
If you want to obtain citizenship by investing in Europe within a few months and are looking for European immigration advisors in Kuwait, feel free to contact us. Our specialists will carefully examine the EU nation you have chosen, and they will provide you with great recommendations on where to invest for more personal returns.