Poland Work Permit


To work in Poland, non-EU nationals require a work permit. There are numerous sorts of work permits available.
  • Type A

    If you have a job offer from a company with a Polish registration, it is necessary. You are granted this work visa with the understanding that you will also be granted a valid dwelling permit.

  • Type B

    If you work as a board member and plan to stay in Poland for longer than six months, you must obtain this permit.

  • Type C

    If a foreign employer sends you to work for their Polish branch in Poland for an extended period of time (more than 30 days).

  • Type D

    If you are sent to Poland by a foreign company to work in export services. There must not be a Polish branch of the foreign employer.

  • Type E

    Applicable to those whose work projects don't fit under the aforementioned categories.


  • Request a free evaluation from an immigration professional in Kuwait. Throughout the procedure, Trenity consultants will walk you through each stage

  • Find a job

  • Employer will conduct the Labour Market Test

  • Collect, prepare, and provide the employer with the necessary documentation

  • Payment of fees, insurance, and fund detail submission

  • Employer will handle application and other paperwork

  • Work permit will be issued once application is approved

  • Apply for visa insurance with the Polish Embassy or VFS worldwide.

Get a residency permit, have it approved after three months of employment with the company, then apply for a TRC (Temporary Residence Permit Card) so you can travel freely to Schengen nations.

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Poland Work Permit

The country has a high standard of living, and foreigners may make a good living there with their wages. Since English is widely spoken in the nation, learning Polish is not necessary in order to communicate with the natives.
Poland is home to a number of large international corporations that employ individuals from all over the world. This encourages workplace diversity. There are now more job chances because to the IT sector’s recent strong growth. The businesses in this area provide young professionals good training possibilities as well as assistance in choosing a career path.

Who Needs a Work Permit in Poland?

You must be permitted to work in the Republic of Poland in accordance with the provisions of a work permit if you are an expat who is not a citizen of an EU member state but who satisfies the following criteria for legitimate residence in Poland:
  • A temporary resident permit is needed

  • A resident permit issued by a different Schengen area member state, such as a Schengen visa or any other type of residency permit.

  • Created on a visa-free basis if the terms of the agreement provide for the performance of work by foreign nationals

  • Durations of work permit validity

Do I have to register for a place of living in Poland?

In Poland, registering for a place to live, or zameldowanie in Polish, is required. In Poland, everyone is required to register their home address. The law stipulates that non-EU nationals must complete this registration within four days of moving into a new apartment. You don’t need to register if your stay in Poland is going to be less than 30 days. A temporary residence certificate costs 17 pln in stamp duty. Your pesel number will be assigned to you automatically during registration.