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Top 10 Immigration Consultants

Top 10 Immigration Consultants in UAE

Immigrating to a new country to pursue a better life is a common trend. Most developed countries offer a hospitable environment for immigrants with special schemes for those who migrate with a settlement plan. However, navigating the immigration process is not as easy as dreaming about your life after relocation. In this article, we will discuss the top 10 immigration consultants in the UAE that will provide you seamless migration solutions for your needs.

The complexity of the paperwork and regulatory compliances often turn out to be a headache. This is why it is necessary to hire an immigration consultant who can guide their clients through the process. They will take care of the difficult paperwork. Meanwhile, the client can relax and continue with their dreams abroad.

Finding the best consultant with expertise is important to ensure this stress-free journey. Here is a list of the top 10 immigration consultants to make the search easier.

1. Trenity Immigration Consultants

Expertise and knowledge in immigration are essential to avoid visa application rejections and the delays thus caused. Within this parameter, Trenity Consultants are the Best immigration Consultants in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Qualified professional team who are updated on the latest developments on immigration guides their clients on the right track.

With offices spreading across UAE, Qatar, Oman, and Kuwait they are well-established and reliable partners. The comprehensive service offered by them with transparency and clarity leaves an array of satisfied clients. Their 5000+ trusted clientele is the concrete proof of their results. They are also certified by MARA ( Migration Agents Registration Authority), ICCRC ( Immigration Consultant of Canada Regulatory Council), and many other reputed certification authorities. 

2. Navigate Migrate

Certified by MARA and MIA (Migration Institute of Australia) they are a team of licensed immigration experts who are trusted partners for immigration to multiple countries including Canada, Australia, the US, the UK, and Europe. An extensive understanding of the industry and a team of professionals updated in the latest immigration rules and guidelines make them one of the top 10 immigration consultants in the UAE.


They are among the largest immigration service providers in the UAE. Their global presence with 25 associate offices around the world including in the most sought-after immigration destinations such as Canada and Australia gives them an edge in this industry. Along with these the qualified staff and extensive knowledge of immigration services make them one of the best in this field.

4. Pelican Migration

Pelican Migration provides one of the top-class services to relocate clients to New Zealand, Australia, and Canada. Certifications by the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants ( a Canadian Regulatory Authority) make them specialists in Canadian immigration.

5. Global Migration Services

Located in Bur Dubai, Dubai Global Migration Services is known for its immigration services to Canada, the USA, the UK, and the Caribbean. They are also certified by ICCRC. In terms of expertise and customer support, they compete with other leading immigration services. This makes them one of the best immigration consultants in Dubai, UAE.

6. Royal Migration Solutions

They offer immigration services to Germany, Australia, the UK, Denmark, and Canada among many other countries. Known for smooth operations of the immigration process you can rely on Royal Migration Solutions for a seamless journey into visa processing and allied services. Certifications such as ICCRC, AILA, and OISC endorse the trustworthiness of these immigration consultants.

7. Yash Global Consultants

Being a relatively new player in immigration consultancy services Yash Global Consultants has managed to top the chart of immigration consultants in UAE. Regardless of their short span of about five years in the field, they have managed to get certified by ICCRC and MARA among many others.

8. Vazir Group

Vazir Group with a highly professional team and experts is another entity that gives tight competition to other Immigration services in the UAE. With commendable expertise, they have been able to facilitate immigration into Canada, the UK, Europe, and the Caribbean.

9. Cosmos Immigration

Located in Oudh Meda, Dubai Cosmos Immigration is another trusted partner that is capable of facilitating immigration services for New Zealand, Denmark, the USA, the UK, and Canada. They are also certified by MARA and ICCRC.

10. A2W Consultants

A2W consultants who specialize in immigration and visa consultancy services for immigration to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the UK, and the US are one more consultancy that you can trust to provide reliable service. They are very well-updated on the latest trends in immigration regulations of the countries in which they specialize.


These top 10 immigration consultants are cherry-picked from a long list of immigration service providers across the UAE based on their competency and certifications. Trenity Immigration Consultants being the top consultancy service extends their service towards the major relocation destinations that include Canada, the USA, the UK, Australia, and Europe. The state-of-the-art services provided by them including online visa processing services and their collaborations beyond borders give them a cutting edge over competitors in the industry. Without a doubt, they can be considered the best immigration consultants in Abu Dhabi, UAE.