About Us

About us

Proud to be Known as Best Immigration Consultants In Qatar

Through consistency, hard work and constant knowledge updates, our teams at Trenity Consultants have remained at the top slot among immigration consultants in Qatar. Through persistence borne by the sheer dedication and commitment of each of our members, we have had the honour of serving thousands of customers each year, and guiding them through the entire process of relocation.

Over the years, we have amassed the love and trust of all our customers, and the experience we have procured have enabled us to become one of the best in the industry. Our teams relentlessly works to cover each specific requirement of our customers, and this has rightfully placed us at the top of their hearts too. Our work is backed by the in-depth research and study we do so we can serve each of our customer according to their unique interest and plan.

Through high quality service, deep knowledge and expertise, Trenity Consultants rose to be one of the best immigration consultants in Qatar.
The services are not limited to, but include the following:

Permanent Immigration to Canada, Australia, New Zealand and European Nations

Work visa and employment assistance

Direct PR Visa

Investor Migration Visa, employer sponsored visa, spouse visa, family visa, and all classes of migration visas

PR Card renewals

Student Visa

If you are looking for a smooth transition and hassle-free migration fro Qatar, Trenity Consultants can take you through the entire route and help you start afresh. Once you fix an appointment with us, our team will sit with you to understand your requirements and provide complete guidance through the entire process. We will go through each intricate detail, so the process of migration will be smooth and hassle-free.

We Are

Trenity Consultants have experienced professionals who are quick at understanding customer requirements and tailoring their plans to accommodate their specific demands. They are capable of providing valuable guidance through migration, settlement and placement.

We assist people with varying requirements and demands, including highly skilled professionals, citizenship by investment, by residency, skilled migration, study visa, visitor visa, work visa and many more.

Our Vision

Our vision is to explore all possibilities to make the relocation dreams of our customers a smooth and hassle-free experience, and to continuously work towards making the relocation itself an enjoyable experience, something they can remember with happiness later on.

Why Choose Us ?

Trenity Consultants has various teams of seasoned consultants that bring to table combined immigration experience and knowledge. We work to accommodate all your migration needs, secure your visa approval, help with job placements, neighbourhood search and a variety of other requirements that you need while settling in a new place. If you have a dream to relocate, it is our job to make that a reality.

Our Mission

To work around the dream of our customers, to realise it in the best possible manner, and to make your relocation process smooth, ironing out any wrinkles that might stand in the way of an easy transition. Our quality driven strategies would cover every aspect of the migration successfully, focussing on the end result of making your dreams come.

Let's Together

Whatever your relocation requirements are, we have teams dedicated to making that transition smooth, including getting the documentation correct, preparing the paperwork for the visa approval, job search, neighbourhood search. We customise our approach to realising your relocation dream to accommodate each person’s requirement so they will be happily placed. As accredited members we are known for:

Best Immigration Consultants in Qatar

Why Trenity Consultants are the Best Immigration Consultants in Qatar ?

Check out the reasons why we remain the top most in the minds of our customers:


When we undertake the responsibility of relocating you, we will leave no stone unturned to make that happen. We will coordinate all our duties to cover each aspect of the move in a lawful manner.


We have a team of relocation experts, each person in the team has a specific duty to perform, and the work is done in a synchronised manner.

Customer Satisfaction

We know that you want the relocation program to be as simple and smooth as possible, with the move itself coordinated well, so there aren’t any nasty surprises along the way.

Delivering our Promises

When we make a promise, we will cover each step methodically so your relocation happens flawlessly. And we aim to do that at competitive and affordable rates.


If you want a step by step detailed report of the relocation program, we are happy to provide you with that. We will keep you in the loop so you will know what is happening with your visa processing, your job search, house search, investment planning etc.