Citizenship By Investment In Grenada

Travel visa-free to several hundreds of countries



An island in Carribean Sea


St. George's


Grenada is 348 sq. kms in area


East Caribbean Dollar





Over 18 years


No test required


Source must be legal


Children under 25 years


No serious medical conditions



Life time and non-revocable


Visa free travel to 143 Countries


USD $1 = XCD $2.70


No tax if not residing


No Tax


Apply for E2 visa in the USA, tax advantages, the dual citizenship for life

Dual Citizenship?

Yes, its possible, and its not revocable

Physical Residence?

Physical residence is not required

Timeline of the process.

Minimal processing time is 3-5 months

Dependents parents and children applicable.

The dependant children must be below 25 years of age, and dependant parents must be above 65 years of age.

Citizenship by Investment
Plan Details

Get second passport in 3 months under Citizenship & Investment plan.

Apply Now

( Non-Refundable Investment )

Main Applicant, spouse & 2 Children below 18 years

US $200,000

Additional dependents

US$ 25,000 Each dependent

*Govt charges applicable

Real Estate

*Real Estate must be held for 5 years and may be eligible for resale


US $220,000

Government Fees:

Family upto 4 members

US $50,000

Additional dependents

US $25,000 Each dependent

*Govt charges applicable

Citizenship by Investment in Grenada is one of the newest programs introduced for investors in various countries throughout the globe who are interested to obtain citizenship in Grenada. This program is meant to provide the second citizenship in this EU nation with the amenities of visa-free traveling to more than 153 countries. Apart from the benefits in the EU nations, the UK, and China, this visa provides the USA E2 treaty investor visa to the citizenship owner.

In 2013, the Grenadian Parliament passed the nation’s Citizenship by Investment Act to allow people to get citizenship and PR through specific types of investment here. Since the enactment of the law, the nation has been having a legal basis for Grenadian citizenship. Are you seeking citizenship by investment in Grenada? If so, know that there are two financial investment options in the program, which are as follows.

  • A non-refundable donation worth $150,000 or more to the NTF (National Transformation Fund).
  • An investment worth $220,000 or more in a Grenada government-approved real estate project. It will be possible for you to sell the property concerned in five years.

Reasons To Sign Up For Grenada CBI Program

Grenada has an attractive CBI program that allows traveling with a no visa and with a passport to more than 140 nations. The program allows getting a Grenada passport in 3 to 4 months, which you can use in addition to your original passport. Grenada has a tax regime that does not claim tax on wealth, inheritance, and income. Getting a passport does not require residing physically in Grenada. The nation makes dual citizenship possible, and you can transfer Grenada citizenship to descendants. Moreover, a Grenadian passport paves the way for immigration to the US through an E-2 Investor Visa.

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The mode of your preferred investment can be discussed with our experts. It could be done by owning a property in the government-approved real estate project or the donating to government. This new citizenship program, introduced in 2013, is quite lucrative for the applicants as this nation has no restrictions and welcomes all the candidates with proper diligence There is no need to travel to the country for application completion as the Grenada citizenship program doesn’t include these norms. Our terms are legal and include the most researched ways to attain citizenship by investment in Grenada.

The dependents (under 30 years) and parents (over 55 years) can be included in the Grenada citizenship option. The processing of Grenada citizenship by investment takes only 4 months with a valid registration process that could only be possible with experts who are well-informed with the rules and regulations of citizenship by investment in Grenada.