United States Residence by Investment

Boasts of the largest and strongest economy in the world



North America


Washington DC


9,833,520 sq. kms in area


United States Dollar





Above 21 years


No, education is not required


Proof of funds is required


No serious medical conditions


No language test required



US - EB5, introduced in 1990


Visa free travel to 155 Countries


EUR €1 = USD $1.21


18.57 Trillion USD (2016)


Yes, tax is applicable


Green card by investment, enjoy equal rights as American citizenst

EB5 Programme

This programme was introduced in 1990 to strengthen the US economy and encourage investment of foreigners. The plan was intended for high net worth investors.

Processing Time

Entry will be within 24 months

Regional Center benefits

Direct, indirect or induced job creation for 10 full time permanent jobs for US workers. They can raise capital immediately.

Permanent Green Card

After the term of two years of conditional green card

Green Card By Investment
Plan Details

*For more information on government rules and other details, please Contact us for more details;

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Investment Details

Investment in approved regional center

USD $900,000
Locking period of five years

*Administrative and government charges additional

Top US Visa Consultants in Qatar

If you are moving to the US for work or to start your own business, then you need help with visa applications and the related documentation and paperwork, because it is not easy to keep updated with the rules. As professionals, it is our duty to be aware of the changing rules, so we can help with the visa processing and advise you on the immigration rules so you can migrate with very less trouble.

We have expert teams that deal with each aspect of the move so you can make the transition, armed with complete knowledge of the place you are moving to. We will handle all the complex challenges that are involved in the moving process, and the immigration rules. The rules vary according to individuals too, so you can check in with us to know the rules that are specific to your move. We are fully equipped to deal with tasks involving the processing of entry visas, visa renewals, exit permits, preparing the documentation and paperwork for work and residence permits, and completing the different steps required for immigration formalities. It doesn’t matter if your need is immediate, and you are in a hurry, we can help you complete the necessary paperwork and apply for a visa as soon as possible.
The two most common methods of migration are USA Student visa and Employment based migration. The rules for each of these vary greatly. For example, if you are looking to get a US student visa, we can guide you through the interviews, secure the acceptance letter from universities, prepare the financial support proof of sufficient funds during course of study and get you prepared for the visa and acceptance.

USA Student Visa

The USA has some top universities from all over the world. Application for the US study permit requires taking into consideration of many important factors. There is a need to apply for the US Study permit with the following requirements:

  • Acceptance letter from the US university/study center
  • Financial support proof with sufficient funds for study course fee and living expenditures
  • Previous academic qualifications and English language test results
  • Sponsorship or parent intent (in case of sponsorship)
  • The intent for leaving the US upon course completion

Trenity Consulting Services work as the highest quality Student Visa US Visa consultants in Qatar and other parts of the Qatar. We prepare the documentation for submission of the files and even prepare them for the interview. You can call us to get the free assessment done for calculating the US Student Visa Score instantly.

We guide for visa process and guide our clients from Qatar or any other part of the GCC to move ahead towards their dream of obtaining the US immigration visa through the leading US Visa consultants in Qatar . Our experts deal in all types of US immigration visas, including:

Employment-based immigration to USA

There are various kinds of employment-based immigration to the USA. Some are intra-company transfers where MNCs send their employees to other countries for work or training. This requires formal documentation and offer letters and Trenity Consultants can help you through the right processing and immigration application, prepare you for the interviews and so on. Since there are different kinds of immigration, it is important to file the right application for the immigration process to proceed without hiccups.

E1 Priority Workers Immigration USA

A visa class meant for extraordinary people.

E2 Exceptional Skills Immigration USA

This visa is meant for jobs secured from licensed business organisations in the country. Should have a valid job offer letter.

E3 General Immigration USA

Open for both skilled and unskilled workers. Need approval letter from the concerned employer.

Family Immigration USA

We help you through family immigration, finance visa, US spouse visa.

USA EB-5 Immigrant Investment Program

Intended for business investors for business expansion in the United States. If you are an investor looking to relocate with family, this would be a great option. The investment is different for the urban and rural or highly unemployed regions.

USA Sponsorship Programs

Through Sponsorship Visa programs you can get green card status. This can be done through family members or relatives who are ready to sponsor. Get in touch with us to know who can sponsor you and how that can be done.

US Visitor Visa

Visitor Visas B1 and B2 are applicable to people who are planning to visit the US for a certain period of time. The documentation and processes are different for this, call us to know more.