Work Permit in Latvia-estonia-lithuania


You need to have both a work permit and a work visa when you are not a member of the European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) to work legally in Latvia. This will be granted when you apply for a long-stay visa.

A long stay visa D for a period not exceeding one year is issued to foreign nationals applying for work permit in Latvia. However, the need for a work permit and resident permit is also dependent on the applicant’s job and qualifications, and the type of national visa applied. Even though the visas are provided for a year, they can be renewed and extended.

EU Blue Card

Applicants can also try for EU Blue Card as this works as both work and residence permit. This is also issued for non-EU and non-EEA nationals who have high qualifications, but wish to work and live in the EU.


To qualify for EU Blue Card, you need to meet the following criteria:


Estonia is a country that has entered into the Schengen Agreement, so many immigrant workers go to Estonia to make use of their job prospects every year. You can apply for a work permit in order to be authorised to work in the country. Trenity Consultants can assist you through the formalities associated with applying for the work permit. The work visa is Estonia D, and it is valid for 365 days from the date of receipt. It enables the holder to travel within all the EU countries without restrictions, enter and leave Schengen Area multiple times. You can stay in the Schengen territories for a period of not more than 90 days within a 180-day period.

Work visa to Estonia for the different countries


In recent years, more and more job-seekers are coming to Lithuania. For EU citizens, the process of employment in Lithuania is fairly simple. Those arriving from non-EU countries must go through certain procedures, where most important ones are to first find an employer and get a work permit or a decision on compliance with labour market needs. After that, a foreigner can apply for a work visa or a residence permit.


Types of Work Visas in Lithuania

Lithuania is also a member of the EU, so citizens of member countries do not need a work permit or a visa to work in the country. However, there are some unique rules for immigration and foreign nationals wishing to work in Lithuania. There are some visa options available to applicants.

If you are planning to work in Lithuania then you will need to get two separate documents for your work and stay: work permit and visa. The visa for foreign nationals is known as National visa (D).

Requirements to get Lithuania work visa

The employer gets the work permit ready for the foreign employee.  The applicant should provide all the necessary documentation to get approval for the work permit and visa. These are mainly: