Australian Visas in 2023: Incentives for Overseas Students and Streamlined Permanent Residency for Qualified Immigrants

Australia’s permanent migration program will allow for the entry of thousands more people in 2023, and efforts to close the country’s crucial skills shortage will also encourage international students to extend their stay.

Future migration to Australia:

In order to guarantee that it better addresses current economic issues and lays out a clear course for the ensuing decades, the Labor government has also promised a thorough review of the migration system.


The Grattan Institute, a public policy think tank, stated in its contribution to the federal government’s assessment that the nation needed to start by revisiting its goals for skilled migration.


The Family Stream, which mostly consists of Partner visas and has a total of 52,500 spots allocated to it, enables Australians to reunite with foreign relatives and offers them permanent migration paths. An estimated 40,500 partner visas will be issued under this category, and processing will switch to a demand-driven methodology.


The action will help many applicants—some of whom have been waiting for their grants and to be reunited with their spouses for years—reduce the backlog in visa applications and processing timeframes.


According to recently made public government data, the Department of Home Affairs has reduced the waiting list from the previous backlog of over 950,000 visa applicants to just 600,000.

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