How to Stay in Australia after Student Visa

Australia is one of the popular global destinations for higher education along with Canada and UK. Australian student visa from UAE is a gateway for students in UAE to study in Australia. There are numerous advantages associated with an Australian student Visa. The possibility of bringing your family to Australia is one of the advantages. A super visa is another option to bring your dependence to stay with you. It is similar to the Canadian super visa where a permanent resident in Canada can bring their parents and grandparents to live with. The super visa allows Permanent residents to invite their parents and grandparents to stay with them for an extended period of time, as they meet the eligibility requirements. Dependants should be sponsored by permanent residents during their stay in the country. The duration of a super visa in Canada can last up to 5 years for each entry.

Why Australia


The quality of education offered in Australian universities along with the well-developed infrastructure are aesthetic nature of the country are some of the reasons that prompt students to choose Australia as their favourite destination of study. Most of all the country is immigration friendly with great post-study work options. Considering all these factors there is no wonder why students around the world travel to Australia for higher studies. Attaining an Australian student visa from UAE is a preferable option for students in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the other UAE States. With the help of expert assistance and guidance, you can complete all the complex processes to achieve a student visa in Australia. Approaching suitable Australian immigration consultancies can help you to meet all the formalities associated with getting an Australian student visa from UAE.

Trenity consultancy


Trenity Consulting Services are immigration consultants in UAE functioning to provide services for immigration, work visas and study visas to popular destinations. Trinity is a team of knowledgeable, immigration experts who provide customized solutions to the aspirants as per their requirements in terms of migration, settlement, and placement.

You will get expert assistance to make the right decision by analyzing and evaluating various possibilities. Trenity consultancies can assist you to relocate abroad with ease along with helping applicants with their migration decision.


Services of Trenity consultancy


  • Assistance for Permanent Immigration to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and European Nations
  • Work and student visa to various destinations across the world
  • Direct PR Visa and employment assistance
  • PR Card renewals
  • Investor migration visa, employer-sponsored visa, family visa, spouse visa, and all classes of migration visas

Speciality of Trenity consultancy


  • Support to fulfil different visa requirements
  • Evaluation of profile to make the best decision
  • Customized solutions for the clients
  • Consistent and reliable approach to dealing with different visa applications.
  • Expert interactions from cancellers at every step
  • Accountability to the clients
  • Priority to Customer satisfaction


There are various reasons why international students may wish to stay in Australia after their studies are completed. International students have an option to stay in Australia with the help of Post study-work visa where they are allowed to stay for another two years. International students who graduate with a university degree, study for a minimum of two years can then apply for post-study work rights to reside and work in Australia for two to five years. Students from UAE can also make use of this opportunity. Trenity consultancy can provide you best assistance if you are planning to study in Australia from any part of the UAE.

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