Work Permit in Poland

Types of Work Permit in Poland

Planning a quick trip to Poland is one thing, but making arrangements to work there will call for a little more planning. It’s likely that you will require a Poland work visa if you have a job lined up there.

The fact that more and more foreigners are flocking to Poland each year is evidence of how desirable the Polish labour market has become in Europe. A work permit is required in order to pursue a professional job here. Are you looking for the best immigration Services? Then Trinity Consulting Services is the right fit for you. Get to know this document’s requirements in full.

Types of Work Visas in Poland:


Citizens of other EU members are not required to obtain a work permit in Poland because Poland is an EU member. The majority of other people will require both a work permit and a visa in order to remain in the nation.


For non-EU nationals who wish to enter Poland for employment, a variety of visa types are available, including:


  • Work Permit (Type A): This document is necessary for international employees of Polish companies.
  • Work Permit (Type C or E): Those who are sent to work in Poland as part of an intracompany transfer are eligible for this permit.
  • Business visa (Schengen Visa C or D)
  • Entrepreneur/freelancer visa


There are certain conditions for each sort of work permit. Keep in mind that employees will require both a work permit and a valid visa or residency permit.


Documents Required for the Poland Work Visa:


The following documents is needed to apply for a work visa in Poland:


  • Valid Passport

Ensure that your passport is still valid for at least six more months—or longer if the embassy requests it.


  • Visa Application Form

The form must be completed online through the e-Konsulat system, printed, and signed.


  • Coloured Photos of Yourself

The dimensions and specifications of the photo must comply with the Schengen visa photo standards.


  • Flight Itinerary

You must provide evidence that you have bought or at the very least reserved a flight to Poland.


  • Proof of Travel Insurance

You must sign up for long-term health insurance when you arrive in Poland, either with the Polish public health fund or a private insurance provider. However, for the initial work visa application, you will be asked to present proof of travel health insurance covering at least €30,000.


  • Proof of Accommodation

You must provide documentation proving you will have a place to stay in Poland during your visit.


  • Original and copied version of Work Permit

The work permit that your employer requested for on your behalf will be sent to you.


  • Employment Letter

You must submit the original letter of employment, signed by your employee and describing your position, salary, and other information of your employment.


  • Experience Certificate or CV

Send an updated version of your resume together with any credentials attesting to your employment history relevant to the position you’re applying for.


  • Police Clearance Certificate

You must prove that you are not a criminal.

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Poland is quickly creating new job prospects for talented professionals thanks to its stable democracy and economy, which has a positive impact on people’s quality of life. In high demand in the European labour market are physicians, pharmacists, architects, IT specialists, accountants, economists, engineers, cooks, product specialists, and others.

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