Turkish Citizenship

Who Can Apply For Turkish Citizenship by Investment?

Are you an admirer of the rich architecture of turkey or the one to broaden their opportunities to greater land like Turkey, and hoping if you could live there every day? And then, here is your chance to grab. Turkish citizenship enabled you to permanently by the citizenship by investment program. We often get queries about the program and as one of the best immigration consultants, we are obliged to help our clients to know more about turkey citizenship by investment program in UAE.

What is turkey citizenship by investment?

Turkey has opened her gates for people who wants to be part of the nation with Turkish citizenship by investment program in UAE often referred as turkey golden visa which was launched in 2016. It is admire also because that the foreign investors can obtain the Turkish passport in very short time as within 3 to 6 months. It attracts foreign direct investment designed in order to enhance the real estate sector of the country. With the help of foreign investors in Turkey, it could help the country to develop its economy, allowing the applicants to enjoy appreciable benefits. And in accordance to the program, the minimum investment option is to purchase real estate worth at least $250,000 and also offer other options including opportunity to invest in the government bonds or creating job opportunities for Turkish citizens by establishing an enterprise. And further, the investors will also be a Turkish citizen and procure the prospects of the profitable investments, business developments, purchase of liquid real estate and other opportunities like to enjoy E-1 business visa in the united states.

Who can get Turkish citizenship by investment?

Turkish citizenship by investment program in UAE can be made use by UAE citizens or any foreigner other than citizens of Armenia, cuba, Nigeria, north korea and Syria. Investors who aim to gain Turkish citizenship by investment must not be violated by Turkish immigration laws and has to complete the conditions of the program. The people other than the investor who get Turkish citizenship by investment program in UAE are the spouse and children under 18 years of age of the investor. Spouse’s parents and investor’s adult children can also get residence permits in turkey by paying $5000 per person. But the parents and children who are independent cannot benefit from the program and have to individually participate in the program.

Other conditions based on the investment:

Purchase of real estate worth $400,000

The most popular and fastest option to gain turkish citizenship by investment. It offers a wide range of option, like property including apartments, homes, commercial or industrial premises and land worth $400,000. The other benefit is that you do not have to reach the limit buying single property and can enjoy dividing the money into number of apartments or assets worth $400,000, but ensure that transactions do not elapse more than 2 months.

A deposit in a bank of $500,000 or more

The other interesting option is to deposit money in any currency that is accepted by the Turkish bank.

Purchase of national securities from $500,000

You can buy government bonds, and bills and you can also opt in the form of shares of investment funds dealing with the real estate or venture capital investments.

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