Investment in Grenada

Citizenship by Investment in Grenada: Reasons Why Investors are Choosing Grenada

When it comes to get a second citizenship, the most popular choice has become Grenada. This has been widely encouraged due to the citizenship by investment programs. With appreciable benefits that includes tax exemptions, visa-free travel and the methods of gaining citizenship which assures security to family members and future generations has made citizenship by investment in Grenada more interesting. As one of the best immigration consultants in Dubai, trinity consultants has witnessed the interest of people who seek citizenship in Grenada.

Why do investors choose Grenada?

Explore Grenada’s grandeur

Everybody hopes to seek a second citizenship to start living a different variety of life, and nowadays Grenada has procured its popularity. The tropical beaches, favourable climate and vacation resorts enlightens the love for Grenada. Its high production of aromatic spices and organic chocolates made it to be nicknamed as ‘ spice isle’. It contributes prominent part into the nutmeg production of the world, to contribute 30% of its total export per annum. Visitors in the most part enjoy the expedition of the intricate chocolates and spice production, throughout the wildness of plantation tour organized every year.

Residency by investment in Grenada

Grenadian citizenship can be sought as simple as with an investment. It is done through citizenship by investment programs carried out by purchasing government approved real estate on the island. It provides freedom of choice with extensive homes, apartments, and villas. This is seen to profitable investment via ensuring return on investment assured by strong tourism in the region. Investors also have the option to resell the property after 5 years, by which citizenship will be granted.

What attracts investors to Grenada?

The island offers greater opportunities in tourism industry and food exportation. The country’s stable economy values the investment put in. Grenadian citizenship allows seamless expansion opportunities with visa free access to China offered by Grenadian passport. The other additional benefit is that is not mandatory for investors to stay in Grenada before or after the citizenship is granted and thereby is not burdened with any income tax.

With E-2 visa you can work in United States

The E-2 investor visa sought by investing through the citizenship by investor program in Grenada grants permits to set up business in United States. The visa application for spouses are also more flexible with visa other than work visa like H-1B visa and also for children under 21 years of age can accompany you in the United States. All the paper works related to enjoy a secured investment and thereby citizenship will be guided with acknowledged experience of Trenity Consultants, as we are one of the best immigration consultants in Dubai.

Grenadian citizenship is granted with passport legacy

To acquire alternate residence and citizenship through investment services are mostly delivered by passport legacy which is a renowned Dubai based Swiss firm. The best immigration consultants is here to acknowledge your every concern to procure a second citizenship.

Grenada is place of attraction who wants to resettle in a different country and struggle hard with the paper words, and tangled laws. Dreams of being a citizen of your dream island is enjoyed and ensured with our extensive experience in immigration field. Follow for more immigration information that are reliable.

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